Five Things on a Friday

Happy Friday! This week was just an “off week” for us.  When we don’t have school one day and testing on another I just feel like the week becomes a jumbled mess. I guess I should get used to it since there are hardly any 5 day school weeks from now until Christmas Break. (9 weeks if you are counting. Yikes!)

1. This big guy turns 5 on Sunday. I just can’t even fathom that he is days away from being five. Every fall I think about that crisp, rainy fall day we brought him home and how much our lives have changed for the better since then.


2. We are taking family pictures tomorrow with our steady photographer, Heidi Peters. Here’s a sneak peak of what we are wearing. The temperature is making it more complicated than it need to be but oh well.

3. I just finished Elements of Style by Erin Gates and really can’t say enough about the book. It was so easy to read and gave me some confidence. Do yourself a favor and grab it to read. Decorating seems less scary all of a sudden.

4. I read “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes this summer and sobbed through most of it. Have you heard about the girl in Oregon? I just can’t stop thinking about it and her choice to die instead of suffering and I’m anxious to see what happens on November 1st.

5. My high school football team is 6-1 going in tonight’s game and there is this buzz at school where there is zero school spirit and excitement school wide about sports.  Maybe it’s because it’s expected and happens with frequency but the idea of fall football playoffs make me giddy.   Maybe it’s my small town roots and #fridaynightlights love but I’m ready.

Have a great weekend folks! I’m ready for it.


Life Lately

Life lately has been inexplicably complicated and exhausting.

For starters, my anxiety is through the roof.  I don’t know what it is about change that just doesn’t sit well with me but it makes me paralyzed when my to do list is growing a mile a minute. The weeks leading up to change end up being stressful for all of us.   I feel the need to get so many things done before I go to school…like I am going to prison or something. One big trip to Costco, plan all the meals, organize the pantry, clean my closet, buy new clothes for everyone and yet I know I can do some of these things when I go back to work but I feel the need to get them done now so I can I was ready to return to work and had a productive summer.   I spend these week thinking about all the things that I need to do at school and how hard the transition will be on my two kids who have really settled in to being at home with me.  I am thinking about Cate as she transitions to daycare full time and how hard that morning drop off is going to be every single day.  I am struggling with how to find the ever elusive balance that comes with working and knowing that I didn’t make my health my priority this summer even though I vowed to do so.

Add to it, Cate has been a hot mess. This poor sweet girl CANNOT catch a break. She is covered in a rash from her groin to her neck and it is an allergic reaction to a medicine we were using to treat something else. (I have a whole other post coming on this one.)  She is scratching and so uncomfortable that two nights ago she made herself bleed in the bath. She says ouchie more times than I can count and my heart breaks every time.  Not to mention as a result, she is not sleeping.  Screaming, crying and up many times a night is enough to make me tired like having a newborn tired.

For good measure, Brady woke us up Monday night with blood curdling screams. We thought he was being attacked or was injured. It was a scream we have never heard from him. Our good sleeper was convinced that there were snakes and spiders in his room. His heart racing and his fear caused him to fly off his bed and he couldn’t be soothed. We lay with him, he screamed.  He kept showing us where they were convinced they were attacking him.   I finally agreed (if you know me you know this is a big deal) after an hour of chaos and fear and screaming to sleep with him.  Not to mention Cate who we finally got to sleep was awakened by his screaming.  He asked me every 30 seconds if I was there and if I saw that as he whimpered. He finally went to sleep sometime after 5 sleeping literally on top of me and was up at 7:30.

One highlight this week. I had pictures of my kids taken in a junkyard tonight and I have a feeling they are going to be awesome.


So, yeah that is life lately. Just keeping it real people. Happy Friday!