High Five for Friday January 17th

Let’s review this week shall we?

1. The stomach flu is plaguing our daycare.  I am terrified and just waiting for the call but it seems (KNOCKS ON EVERY PIECE OF WOOD ON THE PLANET) we may have evaded it this time.  Can I get a halleluiah? For the record, I don’t do puke.  It is the one bodily fluid I just can’t handle so I am so grateful we aren’t dealing with this yucky bug. {EDIT: We have it and we have it bad! Poor Cate is the first to fall}

2. These leggings are the best. I mean the absolute best. If you are like me and you love to wear leggings as either pants or leggings go get these. Run to the store. They are thick and the gray is the perfect color and I wear the black ones weekly. (Update: I can’t find them on the LOFT website but I assure you they rock).

loft leggings

3. I love my iPhone and use the same apps but sometimes I get a new one that I just become obsessed with and lately it has been Quiz Up. Do you play? It is good even though I usually lose to my husband unless we choose Fashion or Food as the topic.

4. I am going on a date with my husband tonight. We made a reservation at a sushi place Chicago Magazine raved about. It’s BYOB and I am just so excited to eat and drink with him.  It’s good to date him and do things we did pre-kids ya know? {Edit: NOT HAPPENING. So bummed.}

5. This week has been a lot of stress during the day, little sleep at night since Brady has suddenly decided sleeping is not for 4 year olds and lots of meetings and night stuff. So, my diet has sucked, I can feel the change in how I feel and I am motivated to get back at it next week. Just keeping it real here folks!

Hope you have a great weekend. I know I am looking forward to three days (MLK Day included) of being with my family, staying in pajamas and getting some things done around our house.