Monday This and That

I went home this weekend after my parents returned from a 2 month stint in Arizona.  The trip served a dual purpose- to cheer on the New Trier Girls Basketball Team at the Final Four State Tournament and to visit Mimi and PawPaw.  What is it about driving down I-55 that makes my shoulders loosen a bit, my breathe to slow down and a feeling of peace to come over me?

IMG_7266 (1)

15 schools days until spring break.  I’m counting.  I’m list making. I’m checking the weather forecast daily and I am ready.  Just ready for a week away from the world with my three favorite people.  I’m dying to buy this cover-up.



We have slowly been working on our house after the major kitchen remodel we did last year.  I have had my heart set on painting our fireplace for a year.  Glenn finally agreed.  He is actually really handy so imagine my excitement when I got this picture and then the second one.  Love it. I have all these ideas to decorate the mantel for spring!


IMG_7284 (1)


It’s Monday.  The weather is finally starting to show signs of spring and I am ready to tackle another week. Back for more later this week.