High Five for Friday January 23rd

High Five for Friday

No blogging all week except for this post so I am apologizing and moving on.  No excuses just keeping it real that we are in the stomach flu trenches still so I am busy bleaching.  I don’t even have any pictures.  I am not sure there is much to High Five about but I will give you a recap of our week because I at least owe you that as I get some posts ready for next week.

1.  I finally took some time for myself and went to the orthopedic surgeon. Turns out I am not crazy and I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  I have a tear of the tendon that connects my big toe to my leg and that is why my foot hurts so much after working out.  How do you get that you ask? The answer, severe arthritis is my big toes.  Weird and annoying.

2.  My mom, the master shopper, found a Black FitBit Force for me size small. Just what I need since the news above made me a little bit sad.  I am hoping to have it up and running by Saturday and really start working on myself.  No excuses but all the illness in our house has left little time for exercise and self-care.

3.  Pre-kids one thing we really enjoyed doing with my in-laws were nice dinners.  And tonight we get to do just that with them to as a joint Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to my father-in-law.  We are going Schwa and doing the 9 course tasting menu.  I might just be a little bit excited for a night of adult only conversation and of course wine.  Hopefully my stomach cooperates.

4.  Delta.  I have a whole other post coming on this one but man do I love Delta Airlines after my experience this week.

5.  Brady’s ability to starting sounding out letters. There is something about him making those noises and association words with those noises that makes the teacher in me so proud. I love to read and I hope he does to.

How was your week? Anything good happen? The Polar Vortex can kiss my tush. I have had enough of the freezing temps and ridiculous snow.  Spring break is officially 9 weeks away. Who’s counting?


Lists of Five Things

I looked at the calendar today and realized I go back to school in five weeks exactly.  Then I looked at my list of things I wanted to do with the kids, to the house and for myself and realized there is no chance most of those things will get done.  And if I am honest, it frustrates the heck out of me.  The balance being at home is really hard for me. When my kids are home I don’t want to drag them to Pottery Barn I want to play, and swim and bike and enjoy the weather.  I feel really funny about putting them at daycare in the summer when I am home because they deserve some time at home with their mama away from the grind we do 10 months out of the year.  I found myself spending my one day this week that was kid free shopping, working out, having lunch and reading at the pool for an hour and yet I am mad at myself that my walls are still bare and there are so many rooms that need attention in our house.

Some of you will tell me I am just lucky I get some me time.  Some of you will tell me, including my ma, that I need to have days like these.   I get it. I know that as a teacher I need some down time. Some time to be me, relax, decompress and just be.  But I also know how precious time is when I am kid free and can actually work on a project.

So, today I am making a 5 Things List. 5 things I want to do with the kids before I return to work, 5 things I want to get done in my house and 5 things I want to do for me.  Sure, it could be 500 in some categories but I am trying to keep it attainable and doable and then we or I will make another list.

5 Things for the Kids

  • Go to the zoo- Brookfield or Lincoln Park
  • Go the beach
  • Go to Ravinia Kids Music Festival or the Wednesday night Concert in the Park series
  • Ride the train and have lunch with daddy
  • Go to a waterpark

5 Things for the Home

  • Finish the wall art in the living room above the couch
  • Buy an accent piece for the entry way
  • Mark out and decide on dining room table
  • Re-finish vintage buffet for dining room (Bradyism “Can I get a little help here?”)
  • Get kitchen office area organized

5 Things for Me

  •  Get new running shoes
  •  Get a massage
  •  Buy a pair of black pants
  •  Take a huge bike ride in the Forest Preserve or one the lakefront
  •  Spend an afternoon at the pool alone with a book.

Totally doable right? Right. So, I am going to hold myself to it and check in weekly with you before I go back to school to show you what I have done. Hmmm… where should I start?