17 in 2017

  1. Get Brady and Cate up on skis this winter.- Done and so much darn fun! We are planning a long ski trip for next winter!
  2. Get away with Glenn for our 10 year wedding anniversary.- Booked! Hello Napa! See you in July!
  3. Take Brady on a mother son date. Finally got to take a bike ride for donuts and play games with my bubs while his sister was at camp. 
  4. Take Cate on a mother daughter date. While her brother went to camp, we had a girls date to the nail salon before Disney.  
  5. Try a new workout to me. Done! Loving Spenga as a balance to Orangetheory!
  6. Call my grandma, send her a package and send her a letter. Done! I just shipped it Saturday!
  7. Finish our living room instead of 75% complete. It’s 85% done. That’s better than 75% right? 
  8. Make plans for drinks with an old friend. This summer I have been able to see my best girl from college who lives less than 3 miles away and one of my closest school friends for dinner. Good for my soul…
  9. Organize, print and store pictures from 2009-2017.
  10. Pick up my camera again and just start shooting.
  11. Teach myself the basics of code.
  12. Do a huge purge of our basement.
  13. Simplify my closet and purge. I feel like I am getting so much better at this but it’s still a work in progress. I know what I gravitate toward and I am purging things that are just taking up space. 
  14. Find a way for my family to volunteer.
  15. Come back to this blog.
  16. Be intentional with my time.
  17. Grow something.