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Ruling the Roost

This is how I found Brady when I got out of the shower and grandma decided it was time to take a walk…look at how awake, alert and happy he is!!!

Our little man has definitely made it clear that he is calling all of the shots in our house this week! He really has been a great baby! We went for our second walk this week! (Thank goodness for grandma… I would never have the courage to venture out alone!)
Brady was perfect yesterday as mama and grandma ventured out to Starbucks. He slept the entire time as we braved the rocky sidewalk with his stroller. He never made a peep as mama enjoyed/sipped her first cup of chai tea since giving birth….that was until we got home and he got fed!
Apparently, some spice in the chai tea DID NOT agree with Brady’s belly and we paid for it all day yesterday. Fussy baby= fussy mama. Thank goodness grandma was here to calm both of us. So, I say farwell to chai tea so my baby is not fussy and gassy….


Sleeping, Eating and Pooping….

We can’t believe that Brady is 9 days old! He has already changed so much and we are SLOWLY adjusting to life with an infant. My mom has been here this week and honestly NOTHING will repay her for everything she has done for us. If it weren’t for her I would be going on my fourth day with no shower, not be dressed and still sitting in the glider that Glenn left me in on Monday morning before she arrived. Mom and I took Brady to Starbucks yesterday and he was great!

Things Brady Loves:

  • Eating… he is a good little eater who eats every three hours in during the day and 4 hours at night
  • Sleeping… he loves to sleep and does it well. I count my lucky stars daily that we have a baby so far who sleeps contently in a cradle for extended periods of time. His favorite chest to sleep on is his dad’s but as you can see he sleeps in his swing, on his uncle, or even on his mama’s legs when he can.
  • Pooping… I swear the kid has more gas and more poop than I have ever seen

Things Brady Hates:

  • Diaper Change… he screams BLOODY MURDER every time we change his diaper. It does not matter what time of day or what activity took place before or after it, the boy hates being exposed

We went to the pediatrician on Saturday and the jaundice is nearly gone and he gained some weight. We were glad to hear that he was growing and we could stop supplementing!


Our Little, No Big Man is Finally Here!

Brady James Fischer arrived at 10:03AM on Monday, October 19th, 2009.
He weighed in at 9 lbs. 7 oz. and was 21 inches long.
The best part…this huge head of hair he has!
We are so in love with him already and looking forward to taking him home today!

PS- He has changed so much already and will post more pictures soon and maybe give you a glimpse into his birth story which is LONG!

Baby Fischer Update

So, for anyone who is wondering or reading, since I have not given this blog address out to very many people yet, apparently Baby Fischer is very happy inside and not real interested in coming out to meet all of us! Well, you ask what is next? The doctor is worried about my BP, swelling and fluid so I have to go back for a BP check on Thursday and then Monday an U/S to check growth and fluid. An induction will be scheduled at the appointment on Monday which terrifies me. I wish I could be happy and cherish these last few days of being pregnant but this has been really hard on my body! So, hurry up Baby Fischer…. we want to meet you!


A Preview- The Nursery 85% Complete

I thought I would use to create a page to show the nursery. I am really happy with the way that it came out! Overall, I love the look and the gray paint which everyone wondered about!
I need to a get a 12 month frame hung and also two more pictures from Land of Nod on one of the walls!
The giraffe came from one of my students and it worked perfectly in the corner by the crib.
If you are wondering about the toy chest, it was mine from when I was a kid. My dad refinished it and the chest looks great and just like new. I am hoping it will be a toy chest for generations to come!
The furniture is Bonavita Peyton…which my parents graciously bought for us as well as our glider which I will get pics posted of soon as well!