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Brooklyn and Brady

Meet Brady’s friend Brooklyn….this is who Brady spends his days with now that I am back to work full time! Our awesome nanny Jana takes care of both babies. Brooklyn is 2 1/2 weeks older than Brady and is the adorable daughter of my friend Kristen at work. Brady is in his “I blew out all of my outfits, so I am wearing the “emergency” outfit mama packs in my diaper bag” sleeper.

The past two weeks Brady has been going to Brooklyn’s house in Evanston every day until she moved back in to the city. While, I have not loved driving with him every morning and after school, Kristen and I have been riding to work together and it has been a morning chat, commute and coffee stop I have come to truly enjoy! They just moved back in to the city a mile away from us so Brooklyn and Brady are going to be seeing each other not only for the rest of the school year but hopefully lots this summer too!



Okay, I know this post is a little late and overdue but I have a good, not great, excuse and that is I am back to work! Between getting up, feeding the little man, getting ready, getting both of us out of the house, working all day, picking him up, cleaning, sterilizing, making bottles for the next day, trying to assemble some sort of dinner, giving Brady a bath, bottle and putting him to bed, it is 9pm and I am exhausted. At this point, I am lucky to have a conversation with Glenn before I collapse in to bed every night. We are both running on fumes right now. I am SO grateful our wee one sleeps through the night but I am still dead tired. No, I know I should not be complaining because a lot of mamas have it a lot worse, but this is my plea for forgiveness since I haven’t blogged in a while.

On Sunday, January 10th we baptized Brady at St. Alphonsous. It is the prettiest church and the first one I went to in the city when I moved her after college. Brady was a “good sport” and did not make a peep until the cold water hit his head! It was great to have our families there and we could not be happier that Uncle Todd and Aunt Laura agreed to his godparents!


Soccer Player Maybe?

As most of you know, I was a softball player but I think we might have a soccer player on our hands. Glenn and I have no idea what he is swatting at or how it amuses himself for HOURS doing this but every time we think he is getting tired, he gets a second, third or fourth wind and continues to kick his little legs and swat with his hands. Don’t you love the rattle on his arm? All of this until he passes out….see below!



So, I was sitting on the couch updating the blog and I was thinking what an amazing year 2009 has been. We have been fortunate to buy and move into a new house (minus the plumbing and 10,000 other issues we have stumbled on), Glenn has started his own business but best of all, we brought a healthy, happy and beautiful boy into the world and into our lives.
People always told me that having a baby changes you. I never really believed that. I know that I am pretty serious most of the time and I act tougher than I am but I can’t help but think that something has changed in me. I don’t worry about me any more. I don’t care if I take a shower until 8:00pm. I don’t mind that I haven’t been out to eat in months. I worry about him. I am more protective of him than I have ever been of anything else in my entire life. When he smiles every morning, it takes my breath away and reminds me what really is important. When he curls up in my neck and shoulder and takes a nap, I stop and for just a few minutes I rock him and think about how much my life has been changed for the better with him in it. When he hurts, I do too and want to fix all the things that are wrong.
And as I think about returning to work, I am sad that I will miss moments, but I remind myself that I have had eleven of the best weeks of my life with him and I wouldn’t have changed one thing about it…well maybe a couple of things. 🙂


2 Month Appointment at 11 Weeks

Waiting at the doctor for the shots!

Sitting with dad on NYE waiting for everyone to show up and watching some football!
The usual evening routine…sitting on the couch kicking his legs before the bath!

Yesterday, we had Brady’s two month appointment at 11 weeks. This also meant that we had to get his first round of vaccinations. Let’s give you the stats first:

Weight: 15 lbs = 90th percentile
Heights: 24.5 inches = 75th percentile

Dr. P thought that he looked great and was adjusting and growing well! She actually thought we might want to increase his bottles by .5 to 1.0 ounces! The boy is going to be huge!

On to the shots… you know that look that people make when they are more shocked and then they realize that something hurts really bad too! Well, that was my kid. The nurse was quick and jabbed both thighs in literally five seconds but after the first one, Brady looked at me like he wanted to say, “I am stunned you let someone do this and it HURTS!” He wailed, his gave got really red and then just cried. Seriously, the kid has been stuck more times in the past eleven weeks than I care to discuss. So, after I picked him up and soothed him he went HAPPILY in to his car seat and we left for home. He slept for a while at home while the plumber was working (DON’T EVEN ASK ABOUT THIS ONE) and then woke up screaming bloody murder. The poor kid screamed for over an hour until Grandma Witherow kindly suggested to me that he might need some Tylenol for pain and a bottle. And, of course, it worked. He was still pretty fussy and slept on and off for the next hour. We gave him a bath and another bottle and he was sound asleep at 9:30. What time did he wake up? 7:00 AM. Poor kid… but as usual he is back to his typical self today!

Grandma arrives tomorrow, we see the pediatric urologist tomorrow for more insight on his kidneys and we are baptizing the little guy Sunday! What a busy couple of days before I return to work on Monday!