So, I was sitting on the couch updating the blog and I was thinking what an amazing year 2009 has been. We have been fortunate to buy and move into a new house (minus the plumbing and 10,000 other issues we have stumbled on), Glenn has started his own business but best of all, we brought a healthy, happy and beautiful boy into the world and into our lives.
People always told me that having a baby changes you. I never really believed that. I know that I am pretty serious most of the time and I act tougher than I am but I can’t help but think that something has changed in me. I don’t worry about me any more. I don’t care if I take a shower until 8:00pm. I don’t mind that I haven’t been out to eat in months. I worry about him. I am more protective of him than I have ever been of anything else in my entire life. When he smiles every morning, it takes my breath away and reminds me what really is important. When he curls up in my neck and shoulder and takes a nap, I stop and for just a few minutes I rock him and think about how much my life has been changed for the better with him in it. When he hurts, I do too and want to fix all the things that are wrong.
And as I think about returning to work, I am sad that I will miss moments, but I remind myself that I have had eleven of the best weeks of my life with him and I wouldn’t have changed one thing about it…well maybe a couple of things. 🙂