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Four Month Appointment

Yesterday, we took Brady to see Dr. P for his four month appointment. He was all smiles, especially since momma and daddy were there. He breezed through all the checks of height, weight and head size but did not fair so well in the shot department. It probably did not help that he was hungry but he sure was excited to get a bottle afterward. Everything for the most part looked good. We are going back to Children’s Memorial for an ultrasound on Brady’s head next week but it is a preventative measure. His head size jumped off the charts so we need to make sure everything looks okay and there is no fluid build up around his skull.
In good news, Dr. P told us it is time to start solids….its funny I am almost sad that the bottles will end sooner than later. There is something so innocent about a baby taking a bottle from his mama or daddy. I have a feeling our little man will transition just fine to the world of “real food”! That means this weekend will entail assembling a high chair, buying some veggies and more!
The stats…..
Weight- 17 pounds and 11 ounces (85%)
Height- 27 inches (80%)

Here is pic of Brady I took on his four month birthday…


Where’s Brady

Monday was President’s Day so I had the day off of school! Our cleaning lady Lillian was coming so I decided to get in the spirit by doing lots of laundry on Monday. I started with a load of Brady’s laundry including his crib sheet. So, as I was “emptying” the crib and getting the sheet off I put Brady on the changing table. I was putting things down by his feet and I turned around I first saw him kicking like crazy trying to get the “stuff” off of him. Then, I continued making up his crib, looked back and this is how I found him….I know I know its not safe but so freaking cute!


Jumperoo Jig

It is amazing the things that our out there for babies right now. Well, we have definitely found something that Brady loves… the jumperoo! When I shot this video, he had been in it for a half an hour already. It is a minute long but watch it towards the end when his feet starting doing jig to the music being played! So funny and so stinkin cute!