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Brady’s Six Months Pictures (Gimme 5 with Heidi Peters)

Can you tell I am thrilled? Thrilled that I decided to do six month pictures with a woman named Heidi Peters in Western Springs! These are the results and I cannot be happier!


A Visit With the Tuuk Twins and Six Month Pictures

What a busy weekend… rainy but we managed to get a lot of things done! For one, we had Brady’s six month pictures taken in Western Springs with Heidi Peters. I will post some pics when we get to preview them! After the pictures, we went out to Plainfield to meet Olivia and Grace Tuuk. Our great friends Paul and Sarah Tuuk were blessed with twin girls exactly three months after Brady was born on January 19th. Glenn and I could not get over how LIGHT they were…


Six Months

Disclaimer- Before all of you start chiming in and passing judgment about him being in a walker I would like to state a couple of things.

1. He LOVES it.
2. He is rarely in it for more than 30 minutes a day… usually while I am trying to cook dinner.
3. He is always in a confined area so he is NOT out of our sight.
3. They still sell them, though ours is old, which leads me to believe they are safe.
4. You, I and every other person our age were in them for hours a day and we turned out okay.

6 Months = 1/2 Year
Holy cow…where the heck has the time gone? Brady has exited the newborn phase (a long time ago) and is now an infant. An infant who makes himself laugh, smiles at just about anything and is still not rolling over! He is eating oatmeal, solids and of course his beloved bottles. We have had some sleeping issues for the past 5 WEEKENDS! Yes, you read correctly. For 5 straight Saturday nights, he has not slept through the night. Every other night, he sleeps religiously from 7:30pm- 7:00am. Needless to say, mama and daddy are struggling on this one.

Here are the stats from his 6 month appointment:
Height- 28 1/4 inches = 90%
Weight- 20 lbs 11 oz = 90%
He is one healthy, happy boy and so are we! 🙂


Easter Weekend

We spent Easter as a family, the three of us. Just me and my boys all day, the entire day with my boys. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better end to my spring break, a Sunday or a holiday. One full day of uninterrupted family time. It didn’t hurt that the weather was unusually warm, totally gorgeous and sunny most of the day!
We were having some sleeping issues in house prior to Easter so daddy and I were pretty darn tired come Sunday morning. So, our day started with a trip to Starbucks. From there it was on to the park. We laid on a blanket, played, went on the swings. Then we walked and ate lunch on Roscoe and ended our day with a second trip to the park and a stop at Whole Foods. We grilled a great meal, not that Brady cared, and went on to our nighttime routine.
While the thunderstrom rolled in, I couldn’t help but think that there is nothing I like more than to fall asleep in the rain and who cared after such a great day.


Walkin His Own Way…

This past week was my spring break so I headed to Bloomington with Brady to see my parents. I being the new mom I am was worried what my ma would have to “entertain” Brady. I was prepared to pack up half of our house but my ma convinced me she would have a plenty and she kept talking about a walker and I kept saying, what is a walker? Needless to say, it lets a baby like Brady walk. It may have taken him the entire week to do it but he has the hang of it and Glenn seem to make a game out of it!