Six Months

Disclaimer- Before all of you start chiming in and passing judgment about him being in a walker I would like to state a couple of things.

1. He LOVES it.
2. He is rarely in it for more than 30 minutes a day… usually while I am trying to cook dinner.
3. He is always in a confined area so he is NOT out of our sight.
3. They still sell them, though ours is old, which leads me to believe they are safe.
4. You, I and every other person our age were in them for hours a day and we turned out okay.

6 Months = 1/2 Year
Holy cow…where the heck has the time gone? Brady has exited the newborn phase (a long time ago) and is now an infant. An infant who makes himself laugh, smiles at just about anything and is still not rolling over! He is eating oatmeal, solids and of course his beloved bottles. We have had some sleeping issues for the past 5 WEEKENDS! Yes, you read correctly. For 5 straight Saturday nights, he has not slept through the night. Every other night, he sleeps religiously from 7:30pm- 7:00am. Needless to say, mama and daddy are struggling on this one.

Here are the stats from his 6 month appointment:
Height- 28 1/4 inches = 90%
Weight- 20 lbs 11 oz = 90%
He is one healthy, happy boy and so are we! 🙂