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Hot Weekend = Pool

I don’t have a ton of time but here are some teasers to our first hot weekend in Chicago…mama and Brady are gonna have some fun!


Seven Months

Seven months… seven months already? Some of you know and some you don’t but I write a letter to Brady to capture every month. I plan to publish them in his book that I will complete for his first year (more to come on that). But as I was writing today, I realized that seven months has FLOWN by since this little guy turned Glenn and I’s world upside down for the better.
No stats, nothing major…. well maybe a little milestone. Seven long months later, Brady has finally decided to roll over. But, let’s be clear. You place him on his belly and he IMMEDIATELY rolls on to his back and stays there. The kids hates his belly! The video is after he rolls over him doing what he thinks is so funny…it is pretty cute! Enjoy!


Attack of the Squirrel

No joke… I am going to write this post and want you to know that while most of you will laugh this is a true SCARY story.

As you know it has been raining cats and dogs here! So, today after school I was determined to get out with Brady and take him to the park. He was in the Bob and we went to the “hidden” park on Nelson. It was empty with the exception of two junior high boys who were on the other side of the park. I parked the stroller next to the swings, got Brady out and put him in the swing.

I started to push and felt something rubbing my leg. I thought it was leaves blowing and kept kicking my leg. When all of sudden I felt a pinch. I looked down and there was a squirrel attacking my leg. I screamed and started doing a dance trying to get away from the squirrel and Brady started giggling. No joke…giggling. So the squirrel stops directly below the swing. So, I spent some time thinking about how to get him out and I started crying (if you know me, you know this is typical).

At the same time, a grandma and grandpa are entering the park with their two grandsons. I quickly tell them to be careful, grab Brady out of the swing and run for dear life to the stroller. But, the squirrel had other plans. He followed me and before I could get to my stroller, the squirrel jumped in it. Then, I lost it. I had tears streaming down my face, a death grip on Brady, and I was panicking.

What do I do? How did this happen? Before I could react, the grandpa runs over, tips the Bob over and the squirrel falls out and then climbs in underneath. OMG! So, he repeats and the squirrel is now standing between me and the stroller. The grandpa, in an attempt to get the squirrel to go away starting kicking his foot, finally sends the squirrel airborne when he connects one and the stupid squirrel scampered back. But not before I grabbed the stroller ran out of the park and hustled home.

(Pardon my weird post, but I had to tell this story because it is funny in hindsight)