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Sunday Fun

It started like this….

And ended like this…

But his hair is cut! And I have to tell you, after much persuading from my besties, husband and mom, I have to tell you that it looks adorable and I am glad we finally cut it!


Long Time Coming

Post a haircut from mom

Before a haircut from mom

Has really been since before Memorial Day since I posted? Summertime is in full swing here at the Fischer house. Yes, I am on summer vacation. But let me tell you, being home with a baby who is attempting to become mobile is NOT a vacation. I have enjoyed every minute but dang, I am more tired now then I was when I was working!

So Brady is 8 months today. No stats = no doctor’s appointment which is fine with me!

We have already spent hours at the park, been to the farmers market with my friend Jen, took our first swimming lesson and have made our first summer trip to Bloomington to see Grandma and Grandpa Witherow. Don’t worry…there is plenty more to come!

And I am trying to capture every moment! It helps that I have an AWESOME camera from school that I am trying out for the summer or that my AWESOME brother and sister in law to be got me photography lessons for my birthday!

Enjoy the weekend!