9 Months Stats And…… WE ARE CRAWLING

Yes, yes it has finally happened. Brady has decided that he wants and is ready to crawl. What is interesting about it is that sometimes it is a crawl but a lot of the time it is this “gimp walk” as I like to call it. He refuses to put both knees down so he puts one down and drags the other one behind. Honestly, it is pretty darn funny! Excuse all the commentary…I was as excited as he was.
Nine Month Stats:
Weight: 24 pounds 9 ounces (85%)
Height: 29 and 3/4 inches (95%)
I would have thought he would be in a higher percentile but I think his height makes him leaner. I am also interested to see if he loses weight now that he is on the move! Here is a video…enjoy!