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Swimming Lessons

One of the things each week this summer, I looked forward to was swimming lessons. I signed Brady and I up at the YMCA Lakeview. Class was for 10 weeks on Thursday from 11:15-11:45. We had a blast. Here is what I learned:

  • Songs are addicting. I find myself singing about pancakes, who has come to swim today and the itsy bitsy spider at Target, in the shower or while I am running.
  • that I now understand why I hated teaching swimming lessons when I was in high school. You have no choice but to jump right in when you have a “mobile” 9.5 month old waiting for you and it is COLD!
  • blowing bubbles is still disgusting
  • that my fear of poop in the pool paralyzes me for thirty minutes every Thursday and I check Brady’s diaper every thirty seconds.
  • that it takes us 1.5 hours to get all of our stuff together, change our clothes, pack our swim bag, get to the Y, get our locker, get undressed, get showered all for 30 minutes….
  • but it is all worth it!
Waving Hi to Grandma Witherow

Looking at the lap lanes coming out