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My Kid Hates Cake- One Year

So, he’s one. Yep, one year old. A toddler. No longer a baby.

And me? Well, I am struggling with it. Anyone who knows me would tell you that my memory rocks! Seriously, I can tell you what I wore to work a month ago or I can tell you the name of every teacher I have every had. I can tell you about parties, events, days and names from 15 years ago like they were yesterday. That is why mom calls once a day and says, “Do you remember the name of…” and I happily oblige and answer. I am weird like that or in Glenn’s opinion nuts.

And as I am remembering the past 365 days, I find myself oddly nostalgic for what the past year has been, what the past year represents, and the moments that have quickly transformed themselves into memories already. I remember everything about 10.19.09 @ 10:03am. . I reminisce in my own head about little moments that mean nothing to anyone but me. I remember days, nights, and noises. And, I would do every single moment of it again.

I struggle as I watch Brady’s independence shine through and his personality resonate at dinner time. Notice, he is not amused. We tried cake 4 times in 4 days and guess what, he never changed his opinion. He spit out the cake, the frosting or both every single time. That tells me he is mine since sweets are not my thing either.

You know what else tells me he is mine? He is a busy body. Ask anyone who has been around him lately. He busies himself with things for hours on end. And you know what else? He LOVES to be outside. He actually brings Glenn his shoes in the morning because he wants to be outside. That is my kid outside mastering the game of bags.

The shoes below? A subtle yearly reminder of how much he grows and we change. Next year I have a feeling I will look at my Toms and think they were so last year. And those Pedipeds will be a thing of the past. And those baby shoes consumed by our big people shoes will grow and get closer to ours in size. And as I type this, I am already thinking how sad I will be the day his shoes will be bigger than mine.

And my family, well I love them. My boys and I on a gorgeous fall day where we sang Happy Birthday to a brown hair, bright blue eyed boy named Brady who is still my baby.

And, a birthday post is coming. I swear. The blog has been neglected and probably will continue to be because Uncle Todd and Aunt Christy are gettin’ married next weekend!


Thankful on a Thursday

Is it Thursday already? No, not possible. But, yes it truly is which means this week has flown by and Brady’s birthday party is two days away and his actually birthday is less than five days away. I watch him amazed every day and more convinced that he is becoming a toddler.This week was about a late night at school, a day off to recharge, an awful Wednesday,and the ferocious planning that is consuming our household related to birthday parties, weddings, and family pictures. So, as a fast week comes to a quick, abrupt end, I am reminded how thankful I am for..
11. Friends that that make me realize it is the quality of the conversation, not necessarily the quantity and how much an email can connect you right back together. (You know who you are.)
12. Mamas who tell you to take a deep breath and then get things done for you when life seems to overwhelm you and place you in shut down mode instantly.
13. High school students who constantly energize me to “be better” at my craft.
14. For Brady’s little head when it rests on my shoulder in the morning to remind me that he still needs those moments as much as I do.
15. Pandora…I did not know what I was missing until I got my Droid X. I will never go back.
16. My morning chai tea latte from Starbucks because it fuels these crazy weeks.
17. My Brooks running shoes because when they are laced up make me energized, clear headed and ready to tackle life.
18. Out of the ordinary warm fall days that let my little run around the park in shorts and squeal and chase his ball.
19. The ability to laugh at myself when the day just goes horribly wrong from start to finish.
20. Brady, who almost one year late is the thing I am the most proud about in my 31 years.


Long Weekend Conclusion

Long weekends tend to get the best of me. I get caught up in 1,000,000 things and don’t really get anything accomplished. And as I spend all of this time on these stupid little things, I forget about all the things that really do need to get done. More importantly, I forget what long weekends should be about.
But, this weekend, well I spent it the way I was supposed to…with my boys. All day, for three days. We were minus one guy Monday, but Brady more than made up for it. And gosh was it fun.
It is interesting how quickly you forget the routine you were in less than 8 weeks ago because life, teaching, leading, and doing has taken back over.

But, today I am reminded about sippy cups that go where we go,
smiles that light up his face when he wakes up from a nap,
food flying from his high chair,

the chords “uh-oh” in 10 different octaves being spoken regardless if it is a moment when uh-oh is needed,
the busy body in him running back a forth from the front back door shutting them to open them again,

to the simple comfort of getting a hug from mama every once in awhile as he struts his stuff.

This weekend, I forgot…about everything that needs to get done. And while, a 1st birthday party awaits us next weekend (I think I have it under control but probably not) today, I am relaxing with my boys and this glorious return to fall weather!


Thankful on a Thursday

As this week slowly starts to merge itself in to the weekend, and a long weekend at that, I have spent so much time thinking about the good in life right now. We have had three brutal weeks but this week, surprisingly, I am eerily full of happiness.
As our struggles in the childcare world came to a head last week and then resolved itself, I am reminded that asking for help is the hardest thing to do. It is hard, but in the end it is worth it. The time Brady had with his grandparents this week convinced me that family wants to help, are willing to help and need to help us every once in a while. Family, they are just good like that.
Our new nanny, Anne, started and all I can say is “life is good”. I hope it stays this way. I feel satisfied and full knowing that every struggle is worth it because my little man is happy and that makes his mama happy.

(Are the jammies not ADORABLE?)

Our bathroom is finally done. Gosh, does that feel good to say to the web. It is done. We are done with the dust, the decisions, the money and most of all the purple fixtures. (This will be a separate post)

As an avid blog reader, no lurker, I am inspired daily. Yet there is one blog, one post by Nish over at The Outdoor Wife and every Thursday I look and and wait for each week called Thankful Thursday. And while I have published my own weekly post until now, every Thursday as I drive home from school to my little man, I reflect about the things I am thankful for. But this week, I am going live on the web with my thoughts. I am thankful for…

1. Two sets of grandparents that love my little man with their entire hearts.
2. Two sets of grandparents who are willing to help in our time of need.
3. Mamas (hey ma!) who know just what you need to feel good when there just never seems to be enough time (think Pumpkin Spice Candles, fall wreaths and Halloween decor)
4. A husband who tells me to breathe, take it all in and relax and then helps me manage it “all” when I can’t seem to do it alone.
5. For fall weather that has turned into an “Indian summer” which reminds me how awesome the four season are.
6. For footed jammies on my wee one that make me beg father time to keep him little a bit longer.
7. For first year molars that require some extra TLC and cuddling with Brady.
8. For a DVR that allows me to focus on my family but gives me the simple pleasures of good TV when I get around to it.
9. For friends who know me….don’t question me and understand me regardless if we talk once a day, week, month or year
10. For old students who email reminding me why I do my job every single day.

What are you thankful for?


Pumpkin Patch

Life in our house the past few weeks have been rough! That is probably the understatement of the school year. School is back in session…I know it has been for five weeks now. Our childcare situation took a turn for the worse three weeks ago and our temporary “solution” ended on Friday. We have had a wedding, a concert and just a lot going on every weekend. I know everyone is busy. And you choose to make time for things but I am wiped out. I am not complaining. I am just sayin… I was in desperate need of some serious family time. Time with me and my boys. No interruptions. No phones, computers, or people. Just the three of us. So, on our way to our SECOND first birthday party this weekend, which happened to be in the south suburbs we decided to head to the Bengston’s Pumpkin Patch in Homer Glen.

We got there and the first thing that came out of Glenn’s mouth was “Look at all the cars.” Yes, look at them. You see that gray SUV in the very back corner…that is our car. Literally, the last car in the lot. Thank god for the BOB.
So, on we went. We paid our money. (Note: This was no apple barn mom and dad. $12 an adult just to get in). But, it did it’s job! We missed the apple donuts and apple cider of our old stomping grounds in Central Illinois but pig races, pumpkin weigh ins, hay rides, a petting zoo and corn maze made up for some of that!

We went straight to the pumpkin patch. And took Brady out of the stroller. And promptly, as he took his first step, his hand missed the closest pumpkin and he bumped his head. He cried but he recovered quickly. He wasn’t real sure about all of it. Mostly, the LONG grass that greatly hampered his ability to walk. But he got some time with his mama and dada which is just what we all needed.

And as we pushed our lil man and 2 pumpkins ( I know we need one more but we could not carry anything else) we headed to the petting zoo which Brady did NOT enjoy. Some gourds later we were ready to leave. But, not before left with the best treat of the day. Kettle Corn, which we have been eating ever since.

Will we be back next year? Yes. But until then, we have our kettle corn and a day that was just what we needed!

Happy Birthday to TWO of my favorite littles, Brooklyn and Dylan!