Cate {What a Difference a Month Makes} 2 Months

Our sweet Cate is two months old.

Hello November! How did you sneak up on us so fast?

Hello my return to work at the end of this month! {Insert panic here}

Let me tell you what I know about her after another month… she is a mama’s girl. She wants her mama ALL THE TIME. I would be lying if I tell you I don’t love it. Sweet thing just wants to view the world off my shoulder. Sure there are moments, I would like have some else hold her, soothe her and console her but most times I cherish the quiet understanding we have of one another as we rock on the glider or walk the neighborhood.

Girlfriend will smile…but it takes some work. She is a serious baby- kind of like her mama, so I can’t be upset that it takes a lot to get her to grin. Those smiles are coming with more frequency and I think she is stingy with them because when she does smile, which is hard to capture, but it is huge!

All things considered she is a great sleeper. (Please don’t let this statement jinx it). She will take a bottle around 9:00 and be in her crib by 9:30. (Thanks to her reflux, feeding takes on a whole new amount of time). She will usually sleep until 3:30. She eats QUICKLY and goes back to sleep until 6:30 or so. One more quick feeding and she is back to sleep until 9:00am. I am so grateful that she is such a good sleeper but I have to admit I find myself rocking her a little longer each night because I know those middle of the night moments will be ending so soon.

We are “managing” the reflux the best we can. People who call reflux the devil’s serum aren’t kidding. If you have or ever had a child with reflux, I get what you were trying to tell me. It is agonizing and painful. It is so hard to watch her try to swallow, scream in pain and be upset. The gurgling in her belly makes my stomach hurt.

Her hips…well they are still loose. More on that at four months. The initial ultrasound showed the bone length was normal but the spacing abnormal so we wait…

The blocked tear duct requires some massaging. We hope it will correct itself or she will have to have a surgery to fix it.

The Stats

Weight- 11 pounds 9 ounces (75%)

Height- 22 ¾ inches (75%)