Tidbits of Talk {Volume 2}

Happy Wednesday! Talk about last minute on Wednesday! I am not sure where today went to be honest. I had every intention of getting a long post about Brady up on Monday but it did not happen. Maybe tomorrow I will get it up. But until then, enjoy some small tidbits from this week.

~Brady has pink eye in BOTH eyes right now. It started off with some goop and a trip to the pediatrician confirmed it. The humor is in the medicine- which is eye drops. They go in both eyes of my 2 year old three times a day. Yes, it is like taming a wild beast trying to get them in. We have tried a lot of different things. Our latest attempt was to let him “put the drops” in our eyes too! Complete with holding us down and telling us it is okay. It adds five minutes to our morning. We both hurry to lie flat on the couch and let him to do this to us so we can leave. It is comical and ridiculous but it works.

~I went to the gym yesterday to work out…and I got a solid work out done. I was dripping in sweat and Tuesday morning my chest and arms ached. Good start to the week and leaves me wanting even more gym time.

~My ma is all about black skinny jeans. I was completely opposed to them. It happens. I have worn them twice and I am now sold. They have a band at the top like maternity jeans (which makes it totally worth it) and they dress anything up. At age 32, I swear she still does a better job shopping for me than I do for myself.

~I rarely listen to the radio anymore. The Little Einsteins or Toy Story seems to dominate my car rides but there are two songs I can’t stop singing. Have you heard “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by Martina McBride or “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry? I love both of them and I they will be the first thing I download to my new Nano.

~Speaking of my new Nano…my iPod Nano was recalled. It was a very quiet recall, understandably so. All I have to do is send my Nano in and Apple will send me a new one. This is like Christmas in January for me and helping persuade me even more to get an iPhone. New nano, new ipad, and now I just need the iMac and iPhone.

How is the week? Care to share any tidbits?