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Tidbits of Talk

Okay, so Friday has gotten here much quicker than I would have liked and I have some quick recaps to give you and a couple of big posts I need to get up as well but as it is becoming the norm, I am behind. I am thinking this might be the story of my life for the next oh 20 years of my life….Anyways enough babble…

No socks in October
~ We have been in the suburbs for almost three months and yet I still go in the city for two things- my haircuts and take my kids to the pediatrician. It drives my husband and mother crazy.  They think the hair thing is nuts. But here is the thing- it is important and they are open late and those are two big factors in my decision to drive down there once every six weeks. And if I am being honest, even though I drive in traffic, it is one of the only times I am in the car alone and it is quiet.  As for the pediatrician, the bottom line is that I think this is one of the most important relationships I have and so far it is worth every mile and minute we spend to see her. Am I crazy here?

~ The weather has been spectacular for Chicago in late October. Seriously amazing. And while it is coming to an end today, I have enjoyed having the windows open, watching Brady run in our grass with no shoes on one final time and the fact that jackets are optional. I guess I shouldn’t be greedy and should just be grateful I don’t have think about “Frankenstorm” this weekend. 

Yes, my gauge said 81. 
~ Yesterday, I woke up and before I was out of bed, I just knew that I didn’t really want to face the day. Do you ever have those days? I trudged through the day pretty grumpily and I knew, just knew, if I did something physical I would be in better spirits. So, I got an awesome albeit fast workout in and it was just what I needed. Exercise is my therapy. I think we all have something don’t we?

~ This weekend is full of a new sports class for Brady, date night with my man to watch the ND/Oklahoma game and maybe even a Halloween parade if the weather isn’t too bad.

~Can you believe it is almost November? You know what that means… my favorite time of the year. Holiday time! I already have a Christmas present bought. Yes, you read that right. 

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy the weekend. 



So there are a lot of things about living in the suburbs that have been an adjustment to say the least. There are a lot of things that I will probably just never come to terms with. The biggest being the animals- squirrels, bugs and skunks.

Tuesday morning was like any other morning in our house. Everyone was ready to leave. Cate and Glenn had left for their morning coffee run and Brady and I were working on getting his shoes on. If you know anything about three year olds, this is long task that is usually met with resistance or “I do it”.  We walked out to our garage and I noticed an odor. Not horrible but an odor…burnt rubber, hair on fire, something that I was not used to smelling.

I looked outside as my garage door opened and didn’t see anything unusual.  We walked over to the car to the passenger side. I noticed that the yard waste bag had tipped over. I didn’t think a whole lot about itDid I bump it getting out yesterday? I placed my bags in the passenger seat.  I went to pick up the full yard waste bag before putting Brady in his car seat. The bag started moving.  I screamed out of shock and fear. I jumped in the passenger seat with Brady trying to quickly shut the door.

A day late and a dollar short.

I called Glenn frantically. Not knowing what to do. Do I try to pull out? What if I run something over? Am I shaking too much to drive? What is it? No answer from Glenn. Try again. No answer. Next up. Call the mama. She’s in the car. She can’t talk either.

So, I decide as the smell is getting worse to back the car out of the garage. I back it out quickly, hoping not to hear a noise- a crunch, scream or yelp.  I get it out on the driveway and realize that my three year old is the only thing making a noise and he is sobbing. Not just sobbing but shaking. The kid is just scared.  

I watch as the brown yard waste bag starts moving again. It’s going to tip over. Whatever is in it is going to come out. And it falls on its side. And as it does, the biggest, fattest, ugliest skunk saunters out of the bag. It walks slowly to our neighbor’s yard and disappears.

Brady, did you see the skunk? I think to ask him to try to make it a science lesson but there is nothing but pure fear in his eyes.

I won’t give the gory details of buying baking soda and taking my car to the car wash. Or that I took Brady to daycare only to get a call an hour later saying he smelled so bad that he needs to be picked up and bathed. Or that I had to take a second shower. Or that or mudroom is slowly starting to reek of skunk. Or that my husband spent hours scrubbing our garage. What I will tell you is that I have been skunked.

Skunk in the Suburbs 1 Kristi 0

PS- You’re welcome for the good laugh I just gave each of you. 


Three Years Later…


Tonight, I put you to sleep for the last time as a two year old. You asked me to stay and snuggle with you.  And with your daddy gone, I obliged because for that minute the world stopped.  I asked you questions and your answers got quieter and by the end of that minute, or two or three, I knew you were ready to go to sleep. 

Tomorrow, when you wake you will be three. I know that really doesn’t mean a lot to you.  Heck, you are almost three years old. You pretty much concern yourself with trucks, chocolate milk and The Lorax at this point not how old you are going to be tomorrow. 

But for me tonight, I sit here on the new couch in our new house and I think about how much you have grown in three years.  The person you are becoming, the changes you have made and even the little things that have stayed the same. 

Three years later, you still want me to carry you like a baby to bed. 

Three years later, you play a musical instrument every morning on the way to school and remind me to play mine- You the strum your guitar and tell me to play my trumpet as we listen to country music.

Three years later, you tell us that you want to snuggle in our bed in those early morning minutes when you wake refusing to accept no for an answer.   

Three years later you are predictable like me- asking for a drink the minute we walk in the door and telling me you don’t like jeans every morning as you get dressed.

Three years later, I look in my rear view mirror when I am driving and when I catch your eyes we both smile- easily, without hesitation. 

Three years later you are silly with your sister and can make her laugh just by talking to her and she can make you mad just by sitting next to you. 

Three years later, I see myself in you.  You don’t wake up well. You tell us to go away once we get you situated with Disney Junior and juice each morning.  I don’t blame you buddy…mornings are rough. 

Three years later, I see your daddy in you.  You are a master negotiator.  When we tell you it is time to go to bed, you ask for five more minutes and we say one and you usually respond with two more minutes and then proceed to tell us that you will watch for two more minutes, okay? 

Three years later, I am prouder than ever to be your mama!
Happy Birthday Buddy Boy! I love you to the moon and back!


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Imagine the horror, when I woke up on Saturday morning and saw that the weather forecast was dismissal, really really bad.  Normally, I wouldn’t care. I find rainy days as an excuse to stay in our pajamas, watch movies and eat yucky food. But this past Saturday, we had 13 three years old expecting a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3rdBirthday Party.

We were hosting the party with our good friends Kristen and Brian and their darling three year old and Brady’s good bud Brooklyn.   When Kristen showed up to get our house ready and told me the bounce house already cancelled, I panicked. Really, I did. What would we do? Would we have enough other stuff planned?

Guess, what? We did. We had plenty and a lot of kids did not mind the rain and played in it anyways.  Yes, people left a little bit early because it was really raining by the end but the kids had fun and overall it was a success.

Some of the details…at first I was not in love with the primary color theme but it ended being really cute.

The cupcake toppers were done by Samantha JulienSweets.  Are they not adorable? They were actually the inspiration for everything else.

The favors were Bernstein Bears Halloween Books for every kid who came- so cute. 

When the kids first got there, we had a scavenger hunt for Pluto’s Bones.  I bought two boxes of Milk Bones and spray painted (my dad did) them red and black. We hid them all over the yard and the kids had to go find them.  They had so much fun. We traded in bones for candy. I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of this because it was really cute. I was too busy collecting bones with Brady. 
We had each kid decorate a plate that was attached to a large Popsicle stick. We used stickers, crayons and markers.  We unleashed balloons and the kids had a ball playing with these simple paddles. Who knew? 

There was also a piñata that was IMPOSSIBLE to break. Not that it stopped some of Brady and Brooklyn’s friends from hitting it really hard. Every other picture I have is blurry from all the movement.  
My brother, the pinata, guinea pig. Yes, he took a couple shots to his thigh. 
I didn’t get a picture of the Brady or all the kids singing to him, but I have to tell you that listening to a bunch of three year old kids sing happy birthday may be the cutest thing ever…
All, in all we had an awesome time and we would it again in a heartbeat- maybe next time mother nature could help us out? 

Tidbits of Talk

Four day weeks are a killer as a teacher and I find myself busier than I am in a typical week.  Why is that? This week has flown by and I am guessing next week will be more of the same. I am begging for a five day week of school. Crazy right?

~ Brady’s birthday party has come to a screeching halt thanks to mother nature. Every weekend this fall so far there has not been a drop of precipitation yet this weekend- strong storms and thunder is the forecast. So, a plan B is in the works. Not exactly what we were hoping for in a party but I am sure it will be fine! My partner in crime Kristen and I have a plan and we are thinking the kids will have fun no matter what! 

~ Let’s talk about Cate and socks. She hates them. And Glenn tries talking to her like she is 10 about them telling her to keep them on so her feet don’t get cold and then she smiles at him and promptly proceeds to pull them off. Sometimes pulling so hard that her legs go airborne and she falls backwards. Hilarious- yes but so annoying.  Any suggestions?

~ We had some daycare drama this week that tugged at my heart. It weighed me down and caused a sleepless night.  Glenn is such a voice of reason. He is so level-headed when it comes to our kids and I am so grateful for that.  I knew that I needed to be calm and rational and communicate clearly and I think I did that. I had to run some of my emotions out and talk to Glenn and my mama ahead of time but I think we are on the right path again.

~ We got a new bed in our fourth bedroom. The delivery time was between 6am -9am on Tuesday. Weird right? Imagine our surprise when a delivery truck was backing up and beeping loudly at 6:02am. I am guessing our neighbors are not happy and kids sure weren’t. 
Happy Friday friends! The Homecoming football game and tailgate, birthday celebrations and some family time is calling my name this weekend! 
Whatcha lookin at Cate? 
PS- Sorry for the lack of pictures. I swear instagram is the only reason I have any pictures. I must get my camera out more. 

Monday {A Recap and New Week}

Happy Monday Friends! This past weekend was long and so needed.  Glenn headed to LA for work on Friday and little bit of R&R the rest of the weekend in the warm weather.  So, since I  had a four day weekend so I decided to head south to Bloomington to see my parents.  
Did I mention it was cold?

Can I tell you how much my kids are rock star travelers? We left late Thursday night in our jammies and Cate finally gave in and went to sleep about an hour in to the trip.  Brady quietly watched Madagascar the entire ride.  The ride home today, they both slept the entire way during their afternoon nap time.  The entire time. Born to travel I tell you. Trust me I know how lucky we got on this front!

Between Thursday night in the car and Sunday afternoon in the car we had some fun. Although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate we headed to Rader Farms on Saturday. 

It was cold. We tried to have some fun but it was cold. Notice, my subtle complaining here? Cate was bundled up like a mummy and right before we left for the farm I realized that Brady’s North Face coat that I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this summer does not fit. That was a bad sign. So, we bundled him up in a hat and hooded sweatshirt but it didn’t work because he told us his hands were cold after being there for all of ten minutes.  Mom fail.  We took a tractor ride; he took a ride in the lady bugs, played on actual tractor, looked at the farm animals and drank yummy apple cider. 
But honestly, it was cold. The wind was relentless and I was worried that my littles just couldn’t and shouldn’t be out in the cold so we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked to!

We also did a ton of prep work for Brady’s 3rdBirthday party with his friends next weekend while I was home. I am in full planning mode and I can’t wait to show you some of the activities and games I have come up with! I have all these great ideas but my mom manages to put them in to motion…and we did just that.

This week is going to be busy. Short week at school for the holiday tomorrow, Homecoming week, family wedding for Glenn Friday and Brady’s party Saturday. I am tired just typing all of that but it should be fun!

Happy Monday Friends!

PS- This weekend was marathon weekend in Chicago.  And every year, when it rolls around, I start to think is this my year? What do you think? Crazy? 

5 Things I Am Loving Right Now

Five Things I Am Loving- October

Where did September go? Seriously, in a blink of an eye October is here which equals cooler temperatures, the days getting darker earlier and the need for blankets. Since October is here I thought I would tell you five things I am loving right now.

Warm Drinks
Nothing says fall like a warm drink from my favorite place Starbucks. I am hoping someone (mom, dad, Todd, anyone) gets their new home drink maker so I can try it out. But for now, I am sticking with my warm chai teas lattes straight from the source.   I also find myself drinking their calm tea at night once fall is here and nothing is better than a salted caramel hot chocolate when the cooler temps prevail. 

I usually gravitate to bright pops of color when it comes to life- my toes and my landscaping most notably.  But nothing gets me more excited for fall than beautiful mums and fall foliage. The leaves are such gorgeous colors of reds, oranges, and yellows. It makes for beautiful pictures and is really refreshing after a summer of pink flowers and hot pink toes.

Riding Boots and Fall Flats

I have a loyal to my two pair of riding boots and I have my favorite flats in a couple of colors but lately I have been perusing Piperlime for more favorite shoes to buy. Jeans, riding boots and the sweater below just sounds lovely to me right now. 

PS- I bought this yesterday for 40% off! Winning! 


It’s back and better than ever. Since having kids, I watch less and less TV but there are still a couple of shows that I am loyal too.  I look forward to Sunday nights where the Amazing Race and Boardwalk Empire signal the ending to a weekend and the beginning of a new week. And as each week comes to a close, Grey’s Anatomy is my old faithful. I am thinking this winter when we hibernate we need to try to watch something new- Homeland, Breaking Bad, or maybe Friday Night Lights? Got a recommendation for us?

Down Comforters

I love the feeling of the heat radiating from under the covers. I love the feeling of our down comforter. How soft it is and how light yet warm it is.  How when you fluff it it gets big but stays so soft! By spring, I am ready to get a fresh, light quilt out but every fall, I beg for temperatures to drop so that I can bust it out and get it on our bed. 

What about you? What are you loving right now?


Good. Just Good.

Let’s be clear. My life is not perfect. Not even for one minute. But this weekend was pretty darn good and pretty darn close to perfect. And so frequently, I find myself blogging when my relationships are strained, work has me questioning my profession or my kids are wearing on my heart and my patience. So, sometimes it is good to blog when things are good. Not to make you think I have it so great, but to remind you and me that sometimes everything is just good. And good is okay.  And it is okay to feel good about things being good.  Good is perfectly okay with me. It doesn’t need to be great. And, I will take good day any day and Saturday did not disappoint.

The weather has been spectacular for fall. Really, it has been idyllic.  The trees are changing colors, the breeze is cool but the sun is still warm.  It has been crisp in the morning only to be warm enough by the afternoon that we can wear short sleeves and bask in the sunlight for a few minutes. 

The outside of our home is lush with greenery. Some of it just needs to go and more of it just needs some love. So, this weekend I pulled the petunias that were poorly laid next to our front door and planted some fall flowers. Mums and cabbages.
It cleaned up the space, add hints of fall color and I am already begging for spring to get her so we can makeover more of the yard. 
My papa is a yard work EXTRAORDINAIRE.  And he loves it. And he may have to move up here for a bit this spring to help.

Our block party was Saturday night. I didn’t know what to expect. 
We made our farm animal out of recyclables. We were proud of it, but some others blew our pig out of the water.

I baked my first pie. The smell, the look and the tart apples in the sweet mixture of cinnamon and sugar had me ready to make more. I have no idea how it tasted but it looked delicious. It didn’t win the contest but it looked good! 

The fire engine came and his mind was blown. He wants to be a fireman for Halloween. A hat, a chance to sit in the seat and look at the hose and ladder? An almost three year old’s dream. 

And there were horses, and pulled pork, kegs and kids everywhere. And as I walked Cate home well after her bedtime, it hit me. We are home. Today was good. And good is just plain good.