Good. Just Good.

Let’s be clear. My life is not perfect. Not even for one minute. But this weekend was pretty darn good and pretty darn close to perfect. And so frequently, I find myself blogging when my relationships are strained, work has me questioning my profession or my kids are wearing on my heart and my patience. So, sometimes it is good to blog when things are good. Not to make you think I have it so great, but to remind you and me that sometimes everything is just good. And good is okay.  And it is okay to feel good about things being good.  Good is perfectly okay with me. It doesn’t need to be great. And, I will take good day any day and Saturday did not disappoint.

The weather has been spectacular for fall. Really, it has been idyllic.  The trees are changing colors, the breeze is cool but the sun is still warm.  It has been crisp in the morning only to be warm enough by the afternoon that we can wear short sleeves and bask in the sunlight for a few minutes. 

The outside of our home is lush with greenery. Some of it just needs to go and more of it just needs some love. So, this weekend I pulled the petunias that were poorly laid next to our front door and planted some fall flowers. Mums and cabbages.
It cleaned up the space, add hints of fall color and I am already begging for spring to get her so we can makeover more of the yard. 
My papa is a yard work EXTRAORDINAIRE.  And he loves it. And he may have to move up here for a bit this spring to help.

Our block party was Saturday night. I didn’t know what to expect. 
We made our farm animal out of recyclables. We were proud of it, but some others blew our pig out of the water.

I baked my first pie. The smell, the look and the tart apples in the sweet mixture of cinnamon and sugar had me ready to make more. I have no idea how it tasted but it looked delicious. It didn’t win the contest but it looked good! 

The fire engine came and his mind was blown. He wants to be a fireman for Halloween. A hat, a chance to sit in the seat and look at the hose and ladder? An almost three year old’s dream. 

And there were horses, and pulled pork, kegs and kids everywhere. And as I walked Cate home well after her bedtime, it hit me. We are home. Today was good. And good is just plain good.