Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Imagine the horror, when I woke up on Saturday morning and saw that the weather forecast was dismissal, really really bad.  Normally, I wouldn’t care. I find rainy days as an excuse to stay in our pajamas, watch movies and eat yucky food. But this past Saturday, we had 13 three years old expecting a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3rdBirthday Party.

We were hosting the party with our good friends Kristen and Brian and their darling three year old and Brady’s good bud Brooklyn.   When Kristen showed up to get our house ready and told me the bounce house already cancelled, I panicked. Really, I did. What would we do? Would we have enough other stuff planned?

Guess, what? We did. We had plenty and a lot of kids did not mind the rain and played in it anyways.  Yes, people left a little bit early because it was really raining by the end but the kids had fun and overall it was a success.

Some of the details…at first I was not in love with the primary color theme but it ended being really cute.

The cupcake toppers were done by Samantha JulienSweets.  Are they not adorable? They were actually the inspiration for everything else.

The favors were Bernstein Bears Halloween Books for every kid who came- so cute. 

When the kids first got there, we had a scavenger hunt for Pluto’s Bones.  I bought two boxes of Milk Bones and spray painted (my dad did) them red and black. We hid them all over the yard and the kids had to go find them.  They had so much fun. We traded in bones for candy. I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of this because it was really cute. I was too busy collecting bones with Brady. 
We had each kid decorate a plate that was attached to a large Popsicle stick. We used stickers, crayons and markers.  We unleashed balloons and the kids had a ball playing with these simple paddles. Who knew? 

There was also a piñata that was IMPOSSIBLE to break. Not that it stopped some of Brady and Brooklyn’s friends from hitting it really hard. Every other picture I have is blurry from all the movement.  
My brother, the pinata, guinea pig. Yes, he took a couple shots to his thigh. 
I didn’t get a picture of the Brady or all the kids singing to him, but I have to tell you that listening to a bunch of three year old kids sing happy birthday may be the cutest thing ever…
All, in all we had an awesome time and we would it again in a heartbeat- maybe next time mother nature could help us out?