Monday {A Recap and New Week}

Happy Monday Friends! This past weekend was long and so needed.  Glenn headed to LA for work on Friday and little bit of R&R the rest of the weekend in the warm weather.  So, since I  had a four day weekend so I decided to head south to Bloomington to see my parents.  
Did I mention it was cold?

Can I tell you how much my kids are rock star travelers? We left late Thursday night in our jammies and Cate finally gave in and went to sleep about an hour in to the trip.  Brady quietly watched Madagascar the entire ride.  The ride home today, they both slept the entire way during their afternoon nap time.  The entire time. Born to travel I tell you. Trust me I know how lucky we got on this front!

Between Thursday night in the car and Sunday afternoon in the car we had some fun. Although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate we headed to Rader Farms on Saturday. 

It was cold. We tried to have some fun but it was cold. Notice, my subtle complaining here? Cate was bundled up like a mummy and right before we left for the farm I realized that Brady’s North Face coat that I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this summer does not fit. That was a bad sign. So, we bundled him up in a hat and hooded sweatshirt but it didn’t work because he told us his hands were cold after being there for all of ten minutes.  Mom fail.  We took a tractor ride; he took a ride in the lady bugs, played on actual tractor, looked at the farm animals and drank yummy apple cider. 
But honestly, it was cold. The wind was relentless and I was worried that my littles just couldn’t and shouldn’t be out in the cold so we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked to!

We also did a ton of prep work for Brady’s 3rdBirthday party with his friends next weekend while I was home. I am in full planning mode and I can’t wait to show you some of the activities and games I have come up with! I have all these great ideas but my mom manages to put them in to motion…and we did just that.

This week is going to be busy. Short week at school for the holiday tomorrow, Homecoming week, family wedding for Glenn Friday and Brady’s party Saturday. I am tired just typing all of that but it should be fun!

Happy Monday Friends!

PS- This weekend was marathon weekend in Chicago.  And every year, when it rolls around, I start to think is this my year? What do you think? Crazy?