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Saturday {Making Memories}

I wrote a calendar out for the month of December with all of the blog posts that I wanted to write and I have veered off schedule. This blog was pretty quiet last week as a result of the usual family stuff…icky illnesses, busy schedules and just time. 

This weekend was supposed to be full of friends but Cate succumbed to pneumonia after three trips to the pediatrician and five weeks of a cough and congesting so we collectively decided that getting together was not the best idea.

{Edit: Since writing this we also have a confirmed diagnosis for Cate of pertussis (whooping cough). Poor poor girl…}

 I would have loved to celebrate the season with friends, but after last weekend and the calendar of events leading up to Christmas including this weekend we settled in with no plans for Saturday.  No plans turned in to memories being made in my house and that makes me happy and renews my belief that this truly is a magical time of the year.

Growing up my mama bought my brother and me a new ornament every year.  And growing up, it was tradition to put them on the tree each year and marvel at each one as it went up.  This tradition is deeply embedded in my Christmas spirit and I have passed it on to my own family.  And this year, we let Brady pick out his own ornament at Macys.   Any guesses what he picked?

And, Cate well she got a cupcake. 

And after naps for all, we decided to venture to the city.  Since, having Brady we have visited the Lincoln Park Zoo for their Zoo Lights every year.   We question every year why we are going as the bitter wind whips in our face off the lake, we battle the horrible parking and bumper to bumper traffic to get there and then we actually enter the zoo those complaints disappear. 

The look on his face makes it worth it.  We looked at the lights, even got to see the tiger which Brady was convinced was looking for his mommy and daddy and rode the merry go round.  A zebra for Brady and a panda bear for Cate, who pet her animal the entire time.
As we walked in to daycare Monday morning, Brady exclaimed, “Ms. Adrian, I wrode the erry go round. I rode a zebra and we saw a tiger.” That, that memory from my three year old makes it worth it.  


All I Want For Christmas

The older I get, the less I really want or need.  Honestly, I really want for very little but being a girl, I always can come up with some things. So, here are just a few things that I would love for Christmas.  And no, ma and Glenn that doesn’t mean you have to buy any of these things! These are things that I can wait for well at least most of them.  I would just love #1, #3, #4 and #5….pretty please.

1. Yoga Mat Bag- Since going to yoga, I have noticed how many people have a bag to put their mat in.  Makes sense right? I unroll it, wipe it down but after class is over it sits in the locker room as I get dressed and then gets thrown in to my car trunk until I need it again. Dirt, germs and just gross stuff is on it.   I love this oneand think it would be perfect. Don’t you?

2. 50mm F1.5 lens- Since getting my Nikon and taking my Clickin Moms class, I realize that I want  this lens. But I am not sure I NEED this lens. I am thinking it is a good little incentive when I get better with my camera.   Haven’t you ever wondered how people have their subject in focus and the background blurry? Well so did I until I started looking at pictures taken with this lens. And by the way, I am still frustrated but I am going to try my best to keep learning and get my money out of the class!

3. Running Shoes- Every year, my MIL buys me a new pair of running shoes and I swear by Brooks. Specifically, I wear the Adrenaline GTS line and love them. And since I am back to working out, I think a new pair of kicks is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t you?

4. Dust Buster– I hate the crumbs, and dirt, and just stuff that is on our floors with two small kids. I hate it. I hate that we have to sweep every night. And last night, after taking off a couch cushion, I almost passed out from the amount of crumbs on the couch.  I want a quick picker upper for these little crumbs that seem to be everywhere in my house. I know that you shouldn’t ask for appliances etc…but I really want one. 

5. I love cute address labels. I love sending mail. But, I am secretly jealous of those people that have a return address stamp. How cute is this one? I have to believe over time you save money if you use one of these stamps. Don’t you think? 
6. Head Board- So, we need a new head board. Two moves later, our bed is bogus. It squeaks and the posts under the bed keep falling out.  I love the idea of a tufted one with no foot board because I can’t tell you how many times one of us bangs our legs on the end board. 

So, tell me what do you want for Christmas?