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Welcome to my new digs!

Here I am… new blog name, new design and new host. About time right?

Why the switch you ask? Well if I am being honest, I was feeling really restricted by the old title and what I was writing about. Yes, I plan to still talk about my kids… probably a lot but I also want to talk about decorating, clothes, photography and anything else that I feel like writing about. And the new blog name gives me that freedom.

No Marie is not my first name. It is my middle name. (You would know that if you knew me IRL). It is what my ma usually calls me when she is giving me a dose of reality and truth which I need and get daily.

Honestly Marie is my attempt to write honestly, freely and consistently. The past few weeks, I have had so many posts swirling in my head and now I am ready to dive back in using this new space.

I hope you will stick around to see what I have in store. So, put my new url in feedly, bloglovin or bookmark me and stay with me as I start writing in my new space.

PS- How cute is the new design? Etsy. Who knew? Now you do.