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Outfit of the Day {Week 1}

Early in my teaching career I kept this spreadsheet calendar thingy and I would document what I wore every single day to school.  I did to ensure I didn’t wear the same things all the time and to try to maxmize my closet.  (For the record, I went an entire school year and never wore the same outfit.  Crazy, right?) Then I had kids. And my figure changed.  Two pregnancies will do that to you.  Now two years after my second child was born I am feeling better (there is always room for improvement right?) about my figure and I am committed to not only caring about what I wear but holding myself accountable so I don’t fall in to the same predictable rut with clothes.

New school year equals new clothes for me. I have staples that stay in my closet for more than one school year but I love to update my closet every year and stay current with the trends…at least some of them.  At the end of last year, I started to post my #ootd #teacherstyle on Instagram and people commented about my clothes and asked brand questions a lot and truth be told it held me accountable to get dressed every single day.  To actually think about what I was going to wear and to challenge myself to wear everything in my closet.  If you know me IRL, you know that I am a closet hoarder. I have a hard time throwing things out but rarely wear them over again.  So, this year, I am committed to recapping what I wear every week and give you a glimpse in to my teacher garb. If you want to join me, I will make a linky tool. I would love to see what others are wearing.  Most weeks it will be Monday- Thursday since Fridays are reserved for jeans and school spirit gear! If you have questions I am happy to answer what I am wearing!

Happy Friday Friends! Busy weeeknd for us. A special little girl turns two on Monday!

Week 1 #ootd #teacherstyle

Week 1 #ootd #teacherstyle




Monday Memo

~Kids. School. Daycare. Sickness already.  All words that are back in my vocabulary and making life really challenging right now.  I love being a teacher but I am really struggling with finding my stride as a working mom again. It is my choice to work- Glenn is indifferent and for the first time ever in my entire life I am asking myself the question why? And to be honest, I don’t have a good answer. I miss my kids. And usually that gets easier. But it hasn’t. So, I keep asking myself why do I work? I feel this whisper in my head saying, “You will never get these years back”.  So I just keep asking why?

missing her like whoa

~Hot. Summer just showed up and it is almost September. It has been the most mild summer with a rainy June and then a chilly, like sweatshirt chilly July.  And here I am back to work and can’t enjoy of the beaches daily with my kids and the weather finally gives us a reason to go there daily. Sigh…

~Ravinia. I am a Ravinia virgin but this Friday that all changes as we head there to see Alabama.  Country music, outdoor venue and some of my very best friends? Can you ask for much more to start Labor Day weekend? I don’t think so.

~I will have a two year this time next week. Please just make time stop

~Dinner Conversation that made my mama heart swell big and proud.

Brady: Dad how does the song go in the Wizard of Oz.

Glenn: (starts to sing)

Brady: In the Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow didn’t have a brain right?

Glenn and I: Right. What did the Tin Man have missing buddy? Do you remember?

Brady: A heart. What about the lion? What was he missing again?

Glenn: Courage. He was scared a lot.

Brady: But that’s okay as long as he is nice right? Nice to everyone.

Me: That’s right buddy. Being kind is the most important thing.

Happy Monday Friends! Sorry there are no pics. Adjusting to real life has made picking up my camera really really hard lately….sigh!  Five day week and then a three day weekend and three day week. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


Room by Room Series {An Introduction}

Room By Room Series {Introduction}

Welcome to our house that we are trying to make a home. We bought this brick colonial home in the suburbs last August (2012).  It is on the “North Shore” where homes are old and rehabbed and historic and the price tag is high and the taxes are even higher.  Our house is on a one block street that dead ends at a cul-de-sac which starts at our house.  We are traditional in nature and the front of the home embodies our family.  We loved the feel of the house, the space and the possibilities to raise our family within the walls of this home.  We also knew that since it had an addition put on it approximately ten years ago and it was built in the 1940’s that it would also need a lot of TLC and a little bit of major work.  Nothing we can’t handle after our last house.

This is the outside of our house when we bought it per the listing.

Indian Outside

You can see that we needed to do a lot of things.  We had trees to remove and major landscaping that needed to be done.   There was lots of ground cover, dead plants, overgrown bushes.  We  had no clue what we had because it had not been cared for in a long time.  And that was just in the front yard.  Not to mention the need for new windows is obvious.  (or maybe you can’t see that). Most of them didn’ t open and were the original to the house.

Here it is now.


You can see the large tree on the right was removed. We also removed quite a few rose bushes that you can’t see.  We moved a large bush and also relocated lots of day lillies.  Everything was cleaned up. The ground cover was removed.  Mulch was laid, new flowers were planted.  So much better right? Clean and simple which screams our style.

On the inside the list is overwhelmingly long. But, since this house is going to be our home for a while, forever if you ask my husband, I want to do it tastefully, carefully and right the first time.  No cheap way out on anything.  I realized that this is going to be a huge task, a long drawn out task and it is going to take some patience because rooms are unfinished, the lists are long and decisions take time.

I have been perusing pinterest and reading every decorating catalog that comes in the mail. And, I have drug my feet long enough. It is time to get this house decorated.  So, join me as I take you room by room and you see the transformation that take place.






Happy Friday Friends! Sorry it’s been a bit quiet this week. Life just got in the way and we have been having way to much fun! I will be back with a list update next week and some other posts but today I am linking up with one of my favorite weekly link-ups.  Currently I am…

Smelling the sweet and salty smell of the Neutrogena sunscreen my kids wear on a daily basis. I think that this smell will forever remind me of my kids and the summer weather because whether we are at the park, the pool or they are at daycare that I can smell their sunscreen anywhere.

Wishing we could get to the bottom of Cate’s situation. I was going to post about her skin issues but then they even took a bigger turn for the worse and now we aren’t really sure what is going on so until I know more I am going to hold off.  What I can tell you is that my poor sweet girl is so itchy and uncomfortable in her own skin that it is almost hard to watch. Every day when we take her clothes off to either get her dressed or give her a bath, I pray in that moment that it has all gone away.  So far, that has not been the case.

Loving these last few glorious days before I return to work next week.  I am in squeeze all things in and get all things done mode but it is good and fun and my kids are so content right now.  Mother Nature has blessed us with mild weather in the past few weeks to the point that it has been plain cold some nights.  The sunny days, cooler temps and less humidity have allowed for our windows to be open.  It has also meant we can enjoy our time outdoors instead of being sweaty all the time.  With no routine, I find myself saying yes more and accepting that my kids just want to be kids. The park, the pool and the beach all made their way into our week this week and we had fun. This is honestly the first summer I can truly say I am not ready to go back to school.

Pouring more water as I have gotten into a nice routine with exercise. I am a better person when I exercise and I feel better. Just happier, calmer and patient.    The more I exercise the more I feel myself wanting water instead of pop or lemonade.  I love adding fruit to my water just to give it a bit of flavor but to be honest there is nothing more refreshing to me than an ice cold glass of water.  A mason jar helps too right?

Talking to Cate before she goes to sleep.  Cate and I have this funny routine at night. She is a dictator about it.  She is our snuggle bed and will let you rock her all night if you want to and that part of the routine makes up for the other part.   It makes me think of that book “Love You Forever” because I honestly think I will be sneaking in to her room when she is older to rock her because she will let me and since she is my last baby I won’t say no to it.  However, when you rock her you have to sing to her. I don’t exactly have a singing voice and the only song she will stand for is the A-B-C song.  I swear if you recorded it you would laugh at my voice but the minute you start singing her breathing slows, her head settles in my shoulder and I usually tear up because I am full of  love that is greater than I thought capable.


Life Lately

Life lately has been inexplicably complicated and exhausting.

For starters, my anxiety is through the roof.  I don’t know what it is about change that just doesn’t sit well with me but it makes me paralyzed when my to do list is growing a mile a minute. The weeks leading up to change end up being stressful for all of us.   I feel the need to get so many things done before I go to school…like I am going to prison or something. One big trip to Costco, plan all the meals, organize the pantry, clean my closet, buy new clothes for everyone and yet I know I can do some of these things when I go back to work but I feel the need to get them done now so I can I was ready to return to work and had a productive summer.   I spend these week thinking about all the things that I need to do at school and how hard the transition will be on my two kids who have really settled in to being at home with me.  I am thinking about Cate as she transitions to daycare full time and how hard that morning drop off is going to be every single day.  I am struggling with how to find the ever elusive balance that comes with working and knowing that I didn’t make my health my priority this summer even though I vowed to do so.

Add to it, Cate has been a hot mess. This poor sweet girl CANNOT catch a break. She is covered in a rash from her groin to her neck and it is an allergic reaction to a medicine we were using to treat something else. (I have a whole other post coming on this one.)  She is scratching and so uncomfortable that two nights ago she made herself bleed in the bath. She says ouchie more times than I can count and my heart breaks every time.  Not to mention as a result, she is not sleeping.  Screaming, crying and up many times a night is enough to make me tired like having a newborn tired.

For good measure, Brady woke us up Monday night with blood curdling screams. We thought he was being attacked or was injured. It was a scream we have never heard from him. Our good sleeper was convinced that there were snakes and spiders in his room. His heart racing and his fear caused him to fly off his bed and he couldn’t be soothed. We lay with him, he screamed.  He kept showing us where they were convinced they were attacking him.   I finally agreed (if you know me you know this is a big deal) after an hour of chaos and fear and screaming to sleep with him.  Not to mention Cate who we finally got to sleep was awakened by his screaming.  He asked me every 30 seconds if I was there and if I saw that as he whimpered. He finally went to sleep sometime after 5 sleeping literally on top of me and was up at 7:30.

One highlight this week. I had pictures of my kids taken in a junkyard tonight and I have a feeling they are going to be awesome.


So, yeah that is life lately. Just keeping it real people. Happy Friday!