Outfit of the Day {Week 1}

Early in my teaching career I kept this spreadsheet calendar thingy and I would document what I wore every single day to school.  I did to ensure I didn’t wear the same things all the time and to try to maxmize my closet.  (For the record, I went an entire school year and never wore the same outfit.  Crazy, right?) Then I had kids. And my figure changed.  Two pregnancies will do that to you.  Now two years after my second child was born I am feeling better (there is always room for improvement right?) about my figure and I am committed to not only caring about what I wear but holding myself accountable so I don’t fall in to the same predictable rut with clothes.

New school year equals new clothes for me. I have staples that stay in my closet for more than one school year but I love to update my closet every year and stay current with the trends…at least some of them.  At the end of last year, I started to post my #ootd #teacherstyle on Instagram and people commented about my clothes and asked brand questions a lot and truth be told it held me accountable to get dressed every single day.  To actually think about what I was going to wear and to challenge myself to wear everything in my closet.  If you know me IRL, you know that I am a closet hoarder. I have a hard time throwing things out but rarely wear them over again.  So, this year, I am committed to recapping what I wear every week and give you a glimpse in to my teacher garb. If you want to join me, I will make a linky tool. I would love to see what others are wearing.  Most weeks it will be Monday- Thursday since Fridays are reserved for jeans and school spirit gear! If you have questions I am happy to answer what I am wearing!

Happy Friday Friends! Busy weeeknd for us. A special little girl turns two on Monday!

Week 1 #ootd #teacherstyle

Week 1 #ootd #teacherstyle