Why I’ll Never Apologize for Taking Family Pictures

kids 037copy.jpglargethumbSaturday morning we woke up to crisp air, brilliant sunshine and the bluest of skies.  We were moving slower than we usually do after spending Friday night with good friends, beer, and food which equaled late bedtimes and extra morning snuggles in bed before we emerged to face the day.

To be honest, I could have stayed in bed all morning.  But I woke up with a sense of urgency and purpose.  We needed to move because we were taking family pictures.  Family pictures.  Those two words, I think, make most people groan, including my own family members.  (Cough, cough Glenn).

Maybe my view on family pictures is extreme. Maybe it is crazy.  But to this day, I will never ever apologize for making my family take these precious pictures.  Family pictures are my snapshot of our life. Personality and people at a moment, one single moment in this wild ride that we call life. I take pictures with my iPhone or my DSLR when I can but family pictures when someone else is intentionally capturing my family is something I will never ever apologize for. Myabe it’s because I am usually the one snapping pictures and rareley end up in them.kids 071copy.jpglargethumbWhen I am sad or frustrated they are the pick me up I need. When I walk through the halls of our home and see family pictures I remember the day, the moments and the stories that come with it.  If I had my dream, I would love to have someone come in our home and take pictures. I would love to have someone capture the daily moments from an entire day that mean so much and together tell a story that I otherwise couldn’t tell.  The little ones. The big ones. And all the ones in between.

This past week my friend’s mother died after quick, cruel battle with cancer. And my colleague got a diagnosis of leukemia.  Two kicks in the a** in one week.  Guess what?   The pictures she has of her mom are her memories.  What she will have to show her own kids.  What she will have to remember her.   And they tell a story.  The pictures are what he probably has hanging in his hospital room as he awaits the treatment and long term news that will shape his family’s future.

So, today I wait for the family pictures we had taken on Saturday. And I stare at the ones I took in August of my two gorgeous kids.  And I think about the story behind each image.  And I never will say I am sorry for having my family take them.