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Close to Home

On Sunday, we woke up eager with anticipation of a day with friends in the south suburbs. We were playing on watching the Bears, chasing kids and catching up on life. We saw the threat of weather before we left but didn’t think much about it. My mom texted me and I could read the fear in her texts. And as the sirens were blaring, the game delayed, the first reports came in, I remember being frozen in front of our friend’s tv.

Severe Tornado Outbreak Hits Illinois


Washington, IL destroyed by a tornado. Illinois. Miles from my hometown. The funny thing is that when you live in Central Illinois home is not just your town- big or small. It’s all of them. It is the area. The tornado hit home. So close to home. And so many people lost everything. And I know you have seen the coverage from the local papers to the national nightly news. The path is incredible to look at and the stories are so so real and close. My Facebook filled with reports of people safe, others declaring they lost everything and loved ones looking for information. I spent Sunday watching the status updates, news stories and tweets tell me what I already new. Central Illinois had been in the path of a violent storm.

Monday morning I found myself consumed with reading about it. And early in the morning a smile came over my face.

My high school’s football team was beaten by Washington High School’s football team last weekend in the quarterfinal state playoffs. But this week, in the wake of the tragedy, they are using our facilities and fields and the Pioneer Nation I am so proud to be a part of answered the call and will feeding the team after practice as well. 8 kids on the team lost their homes. We are given them equipment and anything else they need.

And the high school they are facing on Saturday is even more remarkable. The school is paying for charter buses to go to Washington, IL to pick up and take their fans to the game in Springfield. Paying for their opponents to bring fans. They will feed the fans, the players, their families and friends before and after the game. They attempt to give them some normalcy when life is anything but.

This is the spirit of Central Illinois. Where family is your community. Where doing good trumps the desire for a victory and people rally around the ones in need instead of worrying about themselves.

I have been reading, listening and watching and know that Washington will rebuild and will rise again.

And in the meantime, I remember that there is good in the world and Central Illinois showed that to me again.


OOTD and Catch Up

Happy Friday Friends! I am once again typing from 35,000 feet. I am headed back from being out west on a business trip to California with Glenn. Newport Beach and Del Mar were on the agenda. We squeezed in some bike riding together. I even shopped a bit and was able to catch an unbelievable West Coast sunset.  I can’t say I was upset about the location but I sure do hate being gone from my babies. I know they were in good hands though with their Mimi and PawPaw and probably didn’t even notice I was gone.

Weird clothes  for me last week. I just wasn’t feeling anything. Every single day I was just feeling pretty blah and I think my clothes showed this. Maybe it was the fact that I was traveling at the end of the week but here’s to hoping I can pull it together this week a bit more even though I am going to be at conference half of the week.


Speaking of work, I will not see my students for a full five days in a row until the second week of December. For all of you non-teachers, you have no idea how hard this is but trust when I tell you it’s brutal.  And adds a whole other layer to my life.  And for all of you teachers, you get why I am stressed out. Not to mention sub plans are harder than daily plans.

And back to talking about clothes, I am so wanting to get in on the bootie craze but I am not joking when I tell you that I can’t for the life of me figure out how in the world someone my age wears them and makes them look normal. I just don’t get it. I have tried pairs on, brought pairs home and yet still I can’t find a pair that is “right” for me. So, I am thinking I am not meant for them but I sure do have envy of those of you that can wear them!

Hope you  enjoyed the weekend. I soaked up some sunshine, read a book and am now happily home snuggling my babies! Here’s to a new week!


OOTD {Week 10} and Lately

Bad week in terms of posting for me. I was still pretty good about documenting what I wore on Instagram(do you follow me @kristi_fischer but I am trying to get ahead of life here. The next few weeks are going to nuts for us.


Thinking about Christmas. I am ready to do all things Christmas related. I actually think I would like to start shopping early while still respecting the bird. Brady and Cate are at really good ages and I want to take advantage and do all the things Christmas and there is only so much time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and enjoy it all. My mom does this really cute girls Christmas brunch thing and I am thinking about doing something similar except with a favorite things theme. Everyone brings something under $5 or $10 that is their favorite thing to share with everyone else. What do you think? Will you come?

Drinking  red wine lately. If you know me IRL, you know my choice is beer or sweet white wine. But in Virginia, I had a great Malbec with my SIL and now I have been drinking it whenever we go out to dinner. Last weekend we actually got a bottle of red and it was delicious.

Planning for the next two weeks of my life. I may not be around this space for a while. Next week, I am off to California with Glenn for some work stuff. And the following week, I am headed to Bloomington for a conference that a colleague and I are presenting at. With these two things happening back to back weeks and parent teacher conferences the next week I am planning all the things. Lesson plans, sub plans, lists for my parents and other people helping us and packing lists. I am sure something will fall thru the cracks but I am hoping if I try we will all survive.

Making an effort to yes more to my kids and to find ways to make my husband’s life easier. I feel like when I do nice things for him and him for me, we all are happier, get along better and have more fun. I took the garbage out last night and it is something so small and simple but makes his night easier. My kids just want us to play. Brady is obsessed with this map of the United States puzzle and both Glenn and I are saying yes more when he wants to do it. These little things go a long way right?

Learning that sometimes it is okay to not do what everyone else is doing. So often I worry that we are going to be left out if we say no or feel like we will be replaced if we don’t do something but I am learning to be okay with that. We stayed local last night for Halloween and our neighbors had an impromptu gathering full of butternut squash soup, salad, pizza, wine and beer and it was perfect. And easy. And I am learning to contentment is easy when you don’t compare yourself to others. (Deep thoughts for a Friday, I know!)

halloweenHope you had a Happy Halloween! We are doing nothing tonight but tomorrow hopefully I am meeting one of my besties new snuggly newborn and having dinner with friends. I can’t wait. Sunday is going to be cruel…time change and small kids just don’t mix! Happy weekend friends!