I’ll Be Back

Sometimes, you just have to throw the towel in. Blogging is on the back burner for a while folks.   It’s not that I don’t love this space and place but today I realized that I just can’t do it all. I am muddy and knee deep at work.  Good things, powerful things and important things but I feel like I am scarily treading water and it just keeps rising.

Being a teacher comes with not working a traditional day and each night when I turn my computer on, I find myself responding to email and trying to grade without even a thought to opening WordPress.

I have a feeling my 14 in 2014 is going to suffer a serious hit in February but at this point I am going to remind myself it is a marathon not a sprint.  This time of the year tends to always make me crazy.  My mind is going so many ways and yet I feel like I am on the treadmill and just keep running .  Or lack thereof because my tendon is killing me.  Really hurting me and I haven’t worked out since I got caught a cold almost a week ago.

On that note, I sold my FitBit Force on Craigslist for $120.  I paid $129 and tax so I think that’s a win.  It was making me crazy. Well, crazier than I am already am.  I was losing sleep over the fact that it was telling me I was a terrible sleeper.  I was upset if I didn’t get my steps in and annoyed if I thought it registered too many active minutes on days when I had none.  So, a Garmin maybe for summer when I get my running groove back or maybe nothing?

So, bear with me as I get my life in order, decompress and get some things off my plate.  I will be back.  I want to show you my frustrations with taking pictures and see if you have any advice. I want to tell you about my kids.  And I want to tell you about my kitchen remodel.  Some many things folks… I’ll be back.

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