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Five Things on Friday

Hey Friends! If you are still reading, then you are probably well aware of everything that is currently going in on my life but hey- for the few of you that don’ t know I thought I would give you some quick updates on the last Friday of May.

  • Our kitchen is done. I mean the renovation is complete.  We still have a lot of wall art to buy and decorating to do but we know longer have people in our house working and have a fully functional kitchen.  The transformation is amazing and I can’t wait to show you some pictures.
  • On that note, I am currently enrolled in this class and one of the lovely instructors Amy and I had a phone conversation this weekend after I told her my frustrations with being able to focus when I used my 50mm lens.  After some looking at my settings and answering questions we determined that it might not be user error after all. I have the wrong lens. One that is no compatible with my camera body. Who knew?  A new lens is on its way and my old one is for sale.
  • I am turning 35 this weekend and for the first time in a long time I am okay with getting older.  Maybe it’s because I finally have accepted that getting older means understanding I understand who I am more and that with each year I am watching my family grow and stretch making me prouder to have the title of mother regardless of the age I am.
  • Have you seen the summer reading list from Amazon? I am pretty sure I will accomplish this task because I read voraciously in the summer. Also, I started watching Ray Donovan on HBO and love it.  I’m pretty excited Season 2 is starting since I just catching up on the first one.  I’m obsessed with JoJo Moyes and can’t put down “Reconstructing Amelia”.  Not to mention I have quite a few books for school I need dive in to as well
  • Long story short, we had pictures taken in Florida and I was unhappy with them.  Just not up to my standards.  So, like any consumer I vocalized my complaint to her and she gave me a partial refund.  Truth be told, when I showed her the flaws, I think she realized I had done my research and my concerns were valid. We salvaged a couple but I am now desparate to remedy my mom’s Christmas present so I’m on the hunt for a family photographer that is reasonably priced.                                                                     B&CFL


  • FamilyFL

Graduation, sunshine and a weekend after a short week.  Hope you have a great week. Stick around and you just may see some pictures of my kitchen.


Hello Monday {2}

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend.  The weather was spectacular here which makes a weekend like this even better.

Hello four weeks of school and a week of finals before it is finally summer vacation.  Between the polar vortex and days off this school year feels long and the kids are as ready to be done as I am.  I can see the finish line which is a great motivator.


Hello a kitchen that is almost done.  We are waiting on our island which should be here this week or maybe next but regardless we have running water, a functioning fridge and place to eat.

Hello a week of recovery for a woman I love dearly.  After scary news and an unknown future my heart is lighter this week knowing that the prognosis is good given the circumstance.  Oh cancer you are such an awful part of this world we live in.


Hello to warmer weather and hopefully not having to wear our winter coats any more this year.  We had to wear them last week and that was zero fun. Hoping that is past us.

Hello to seeing my two best girls this weekend. It is so hard to coordinate our schedules but it is so worth it when it happens and I have a feeling it will be a motivator to get this week over.

Hello Monday! Let’s do this.


Our Kitchen “The Demo”

Okay, so where did I leave off? You saw the old kitchen.  And we were ready to demo.  We knew that the renovation was going to be long and stressful and like any old house we also knew that there would be some unexpected things that may cause issues.  I was optimistic about the timeline and work required.  So, we left on spring break knowing that the demolition would start and that we would come home to something very different. We had no idea.


The studs.


And beautiful vintage wallpaper.


Yes, I had a take a couple of really deep breaths. It was a lot to handle after being on planes all day with kids and it did get some getting used to.  We lost the ability to walk through there and our family room which left us going outside to go to the garage for our refrigerator.  Read it again.  Yes, we had to go outside to get to the garage where our fridge was located.  To say that our house was dusty was an understatement. That was the worst part.  The dust that is everywhere no matter how many times we have people in to clean.

On a happier note, let’s talk my vision.  For the kitchen, I wanted to stay true to the fact that our home is traditional in nature but I wanted to embrace the chance to update the space.  So, I tried to blend the traditional nature of our home and some new ideas.  Our main floor is full of neutrals, lots of gray and some taupe so we decided to stay consistent with it.   Are you ready to see some progress? It’s coming.