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Monday Ramblings

Well, I guess there is no time like now to start blogging again or at least get this one post up. I don’ think it is a coincidence that I pretty much stop blogging in the spring and summer when I find myself outside more than in and embracing being a mom more than surfing the internet.

I have lots of topics to talk to you about namely Brady not going to kindergarten, our kitchen renovation I still haven’t shared, Cate’s third birthday and others.  But, let’s give you a quick Monday update for now in the hopes that I blog again soon with some good stuff.

  • School started for students on August 25th.  Brady went on an antibiotic for strep August 22nd only to get it again coupled with a double ear infection two days after her finished a ten day cycle of amoxicillin. He finished the meds yesterday.  Cate came off meds for a double ear infection on Friday and got the STOMACH FLU yesterday. I can’t make this up. On the upside, so far we have steered clear of that respiratory virus that is plaguing the rest of the country.
  • Do you read the Skimm? I mean how can you not? It is the easiest read each morning and has totally made me understand the happenings in the world? I appreciate the way it is laid out and how fast, focused and many topics are touched on. Subscribe. It’s easy.
  • I am teaching on the overload this fall and covering a maternity leave for part of it. My bank account loves me. My watch hates me.  Talk about having to be organized.
  • Cate turned 3 and Brady turns 5 in less than a month.  Holy cow is life flying by…
  • I checked off something on my bucket list by seeing Garth Brooks last weekend. He is an amazing entertainer and I would go again if I could.

Hope Monday isn’t too cruel to you. I am home with Cate and just glad that I haven’t seen puke in over 18 hours.