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enjoying: the coziness that has come in our house with the COLD temperatures that have invaded the Midwest. There is something really attractive to me right now about curling up in a blanket, wearing an oversized fleece and waking up toasty warm under a down comforter.  I am not a fan of winter but I do love the warmth that comes over our house.

dreaming: about what our house is going to look like once we make a few small changes.  Our bed broke (a story for another day) so we ordered a new one, are going to paint up there and get some bedside tables. I bought a fiddle fig plant, bought a new light and am waiting for a side table to be delivered in our family room.   I am not a quick decision maker but I am starting to feel confident in my ability to bring a “vision” to life in our house slowly but surely.

loving: the play that my kids are engaged in right now. Brady is loving animal dominoes and I can’t say that I mind any time he wants to play.  We laugh, giggle and the strategy might not be there but he is having fun and learning.  Cate is obsessed with this cupcake game. I was, maybe am, so against the “princess” thing but this game about cupcakes (her obsession) for princesses is just so much fun.  Even if she is bossy while we build them.

watching: weeks of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I am so far behind on this season but I feel like I am committed to the show since I have been watching it for so darn long. For my sake, I hope this is the last season because I feel like I have a “commitment” to the show even though I don’t really care anymore.

reading: very little at the moment.  I am luck if I get a chance to read The Skimm in the morning right now. Seriously, I know you don’t want to hear “woe is me” right now, but I am just trying to get thru the day at this point and at night feel like I am playing catch up and don’t have time to settle in and read.  Hopefully over Thanksgiving I can find some time to settle in with a good read.

quoting: things that keep me motivated to workout.  My favorite lately is “Make time for it.  Just get it done. Nobody ever got stronger or got in shape by just thinking about it”.  I tell myself this at 7pm when I want to be on the couch with kids instead of heading to spin class or at 5am when the alarm blares in my ear for a strength class. I like the gym and the time for it is not always ideal but making it a priority and getting it done always feels better afterwards.

thinking: about the holiday season that is only a few short weeks away from us.  I think my kids are at really magical ages and this is when the holidays are so fun. Whether is it thankful gifts to teachers at Thanksgiving or watching Brady circle certain items in a toy magazine there is something so special about it.  I am slowly thinking about all the things I want to do this holiday season and trying to figure out how!

drinking: we have been out quite a lot in the past few weekends and my love for red wine is growing.  Before knowing my husband, I was not very adventurous with food and drink and as the years have started to accumulate I find myself gravitating to red wine and a good steak.  Two things pre my husband I would never eaten or drank.

listening to: the Serial podcast.  Who isn’t? I mean seriously, it’s so addicting and I find myself thinking about the characters, their stories and wanting to listen all the time. Do you listen?