Friday Randome v.3

Bad habits sure are hard to break! Almost went a whole week without posting here. Darn it.

Happy Friday folks! Hope you had a great week! With no school on Monday, this week felt really short and fast and I am still so looking forward to the weekend. We don’t have a lot going on this weekend which is just what I need.  Well, I am solo parenting but that’s not a big deal…

This week I reconnected with my yoga mat which I have really missed. I am not sure what it is but I walk out there in a better place mentally which is worth just about as much as the physical benefits to me.  Glenn will tell you the hour in yoga is cheaper than therapy and while he may not get it, he supports it because I come out of there with a clear head.  I am all of a sudden a fan of this Lucy tank- long enough that it covers my tush and lightweight. I snagged a couple on sale at Dick’s of all places.

I had the pleasure of jury duty this week which is just dumb. And inefficient.  I can’t believe the amount of sitting I did, was highly annoyed we were given a 2 hour lunch hour, forced to return for another hour and then dismissed for the day. So inefficient.  I am all about being a good citizen and doing my civil duty but good lord it was long day with no wi-fi.

I really have enjoyed this infographic. So interesting and I keep going back to it.  Maybe because all of a sudden food is becoming more important to me.

We had some good meals this week and after our outing to The Social Table, which I highly recommend, and I am inspired to cook.  I am not quite ready to start the #whole30 bandwagon but at least I am committed to getting home cooked meals on our plates and trying new things. I haven’t weighed myself but this is the best I have felt in a while about my body…

Sunday- Buffalo Chicken Wings on the Big Green Egg (the only wings I’ll eat now btw)

Monday- Maple and Mustard Glazed Salmon with Roasted Vegetables (so easy)

Tuesday- Tacos

Wednesday Night- Chicken and Potato Chowder and Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

Thursday- Ordered OUT

Friday- OUT

Have a great weekend. I am looking forward to sipping coffee, playing with my kids and maybe just maybe getting down some of our Christmas lights!