Friday Randoms v.2

Happy Friday friends! Another week in the books and honestly, I don’t mind that January is moving fast because it is cold and wet  with a lot more to come I am sure.  It’s really hard to be happy when every day is gray and slushy but the countdown to spring break is on- 10 weeks.  If we could just see the sun, I would be thrilled at this point.

Brady has a rash that has put us both in prompt care and in our pediatrician’s office this week. Our pediatrician is convinced it is viral but Brady is healthy as can be albeit itchy…really itchy.  Poor kid. On top of it, Brady was just referred to ENT for his darn tonsils and adenoids. That makes a tad nervous.

What I’m Reading: Why US Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind  Such an interesting read about what the US is doing wrong with maternity leaves. I am not sure if I have a strong opinion either way but I get the point the article is making especially after getting the summary of our daycare costs this week.

Dinner- We had a couple of really great meals this week. I have fallen in love with the Skinny Taste Cookbook. I feel like the recipes are not only healthy but easy to follow for someone like me who is not a great cook.

Sunday- Kale and Chicken Sausage Pasta (via Skinnytaste cookbook)

Monday- Wildfire Salads

Tuesday- Chili

Wednesday- Bertolli (NEVER AGAIN)

Thursday- Open Faced Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (via Skinnytaste cookbook)

And tonight I am so excited to be going out my girls! I could care less what we eat or drink- I am just grateful for a night with the two women that I can kick my shoes off and be myself with even if the week has been long! This weekend is going to be filled with adventures in sledding for the first time this winter season and a night out with friends at The Social Table to celebrate a birthday! Cooking, eating and drinking with friends sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me!