Friday Randoms v.1

Happy Friday Everyone! Off of school for two weeks and we come back to a weird week where the freaking cold kept us out of school for a day.  We should have gone to school but oh well.  As a teacher, I actually dread having days off. What kids just don’t get is that we have to make the days up which means we lose our grading day after finals and the schedule gets all mixed up. It really is more of a pain than a cool event. Promise. Not to say I didn’t accomplish a lot on Wednesday (wink wink for those in my inner circle

~We were supposed to be celebrating my FIL’s 60th birthday this weekend but illness caused it to be cancelled. So, we are going to use the babysitter and try Guild Hall just north of us. I hear it’s good and I’m excited to try it.

~Did you see that the Walkman is making a comeback? I guess I don’t get what is so great about it. But, Sony unveiled it at the CES in Vegas this week and it is making big rumblings on the internet

~We got back in to menu planning this week and I think it is safe to say, it is has saved some fights and confusion in the transition back to work. I planned for four meals this week and it looked like this. Not bad right?

Sunday- Salmon with Onion Potatoes

Monday- Beef Tacos

Tuesday- Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Bacon

Wednesday- Beef Elegante in the Slow Cooker

The rest of the week was a mess of me working one night, us going out one night and probably going to the basketball game tonight so who knows. 4-5 nights at home is pretty average for us but January is brutal from a scheduling perspective so I am giving myself some grace in this department.  I am also strangely surprised (totally jinxing myself) the things my kids are starting to eat. Thank god because the food wars were wearing on me.

~I am usually not a fan of ecards but this one I saw one Hanging with the Hewitt’s made me chuckle.



Happy Friday All! Stay warm!