Out with ’14 and In with ’15.

I find myself every year around this time thinking about the year in review and the new one in front of us and what I want from the next 365 days and myself.  I know the critics say that resolutions are dumb and no one follows through and this is not the time to change things up or refocus. I call bull shit to that.

Last year, I made this list of 14 things I wanted to accomplish before the year was over and I came up short- like really short.  And for a couple of months, specifically this fall, I was really upset that I wasn’t going to accomplish everything on that list.  I spent evenings beating myself up about it and whining to Glenn that I hadn’t done a lot of things.  Then, I looked again at the list and realized the trivial things that didn’t get done like learning Photoshop or reading the classics don’t really matter. I  thought about what we did accomplish and I felt pretty good. And added to that when I thought about the things we’ve done that I haven’t written about or things that have been accomplished as a family or by myself that I haven’t documented, I feel really pretty great.

We survived the Polar Vortex, got Cate some much needed glasses, made a trip to Florida that was so awesome, survived a kitchen renovation, taught Brady to ride a bike, spent a summer swimming at the beach, ate lots of ice cream, conquered the monkey bars, celebrated birthdays, cooked our first Thanksgiving and had a magical Christmas.  All in all, 2014 was pretty great.

As I think about 2015, I know this much.  I want to embrace the moments.  I want to be intentional with my time and my decisions.  I want to walk away from the things that force me to second guess myself and my choices.  I want to put my energy where it matters and in the people I love the most.  I want to document our life in a way that forces me to embrace the imperfections and take daily or weekly pictures. I want to nurture myself, my marriage and my kids. And, I hope that this space comes to be a place to remember it all.

Happy New Year friends! Make it the best one of them all!