So You Want to Know About Brady


We have a 5 year old.  Actually almost 5.5 year old.  Literally, I ask myself daily, how do I have 5 year old when I feel like he was just my sleepy newborn in his footed jammies?

I hate when people say it but it really is true that raising kids seems to go by just so fast.  The days are long at times but the years are just flying by.  When I was pregnant with Brady, I remember lying awake at night wondering what he would be like.  And now I feel like I have this person who has opinions, will have conversations with me, who I am starting to understand and see what he is at his core before friends and choices mean something and yet still is young enough to need me.


From the day he was born, he has been and still is really laid back.  He will do just about anything anyone asks him and if the right person is involved he almost always says yes.  He is naturally happy once he wakes up and has some orange juice and snuggles in our bed.  He will stay in his pajamas all day if you let him and his love for watching sports could keep him on a couch or around our tv all day.  One of the thing  he hates is going to the grocery store.

But food, food is Brady’s friend. At his five year appointment he came in at 48 inches and 49 pounds.  He has grown an exceptional amount this past year and has had true growing pains in his shins.  Aching legs that cause him to cry, force us to motrin him and rub them until he can fall back asleep.  He is lean and always hungry.  He is a meat and potatoes kid. He loves plain pasta, pizza, bread of any kind, cheeseburgers and fruit.  He literally eats his plate clean daily and usually asks for more at every meal.  And man does he have a sweet tooth…

His love for sports makes me smile. And the amount of information he knows is frightening. He can tell you who is playing on any given day and what division a team is in.  You will never see him without a piece of sports equipment.  A baseball glove or a football is always in his hand. His Christmas requests were a Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler jersey, an Oregon Ducks hat, a set of NFL football helmets and a Tom Brady jersey.  His sports obsession has become fairly obvious. He even loves WWE.

With that being said, he is naturally athletic.  He hated hockey last year because it was “too slippery”, but held his own playing baseball, soccer and tennis.  He wants to play football in the worst way and loves to shoot hoops and play basketball. He is competitive at his core.  If we aren’t kicking punts to him, we are throwing batting practice or playing P-I-G.  I swear the kid never stops moving.  He even mastered the monkey bars finally…


Junior Kindergarten has been okay for him. I love his teachers but I think he is overly ready for kindergarten with his October birthday.  Besides being so much bigger physically than his peers, he’s mature and reasonable and academically right where he should be.  He’s on the verge of reading, sounds out most words and is doing simple addition and subtraction.  From what I hear, kindergarten will be a breeze.

On a softer note, he still loves to snuggle with us on the couch, will almost always let you hold his hand in a parking lot and is pretty sensitive.  He is gentle in his demeanor when he isn’t on a field. He worries when we are sad surprises us with his compassion daily.  He knows when someone is sad or when you just need a hug.  He really is my gentle giant.


He tolerates Cate when she really just wants to be his best friend.  He can make her laugh when she is upset and irrational.   Cate loves him so fiercely that at times I think it gets overwhelming for him. She  just wants to be near him, playing with him and doing what he is doing.  That’s a lot of pressure for a little boy who just wants to play but he handles it with grace; and tends to more often than not compromise to keep her happy.


Five years later, I’m in awe of my first born and what he has become.  Brady James, I love you to the moon and back.

(All images courtesy of Heidi Peters)

(Don’t mind this is oh something like 4 months late)