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Friday Randoms V.7

Lots of radio silence on the blog right now. I am done apologizing for it when it happens. I love this space but when I don’t love it is when I feel the pressure to be here and that’s how it felt the past two weeks or so.

But, it’s Friday and I’m ready to get back in to giving you glimpses in to our life.

This article I think is such an important lesson in the use of social media. It was written for the New York Times, objective and sends such a clear message about the importance of understanding the impact of things posted online.   Added to that, when we were in Lake Geneva this past weekend, a dad we met at a bar told us if he could give us one piece of advice (he was there celebrating his 20-something son’s engagement) it would be to know your kids passwords to everything and to check social media constantly to see what they are posting. Not sure I agree on this one but still something to think about.

We all have a cold right now that just won’t seem to go away. I am the most worried about Cate who I feel like has had one since the middle of January.  With temperatures and wind chills insanely cold right now, I am counting the days down to spring break. 5 weeks. 5 weeks people. I can feel the sunshine on my skin.

Last weekend we snuck away for literally 24 hours with Glenn’s college friends (and my friends too) to Lake Geneva.  We don’t stay in the nicest place, or do anything fancy but it is always such a good time.  The people are just good people.  The time is so needed.  We laugh a lot, drink even more and just get to relax.

Brady has been really funny with words and language lately.  He sounds out everything. He enunciates words with major emphasis on every single syllable.  It’s hilarious and annoying.  Sometimes it’s the word you say. Other times it’s something he sees on tv or reads on a piece of paper.  But then, last night, out of nowhere he just started reading.  Reading people.  The words on his new pajamas.  And then the words on the tv.  My mind was blown. I screamed. He covered his ears and grinned.  It’s a milestone.  I’m happy since I love to read but so sad because it is just another indicator that the baby in him is long gone.

This was a really boring and uninspiring food week for us.  The freezing temperatures, nasty head colds and life just left me cooking some boring repeats.  I am already menu planning for next week and looking forward to trying some new recipes.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!






Project 52 Week 5



Books of 2015 {January}

WILD by Cheryl Strayed

Me: Thumbs Up

Quick Review: I knew nothing of the Pacific Coast Trail until reading this book and I was impressed with her and her story.  I think the piece of this book that I will never forget is the kindness she experienced along the way from strangers.

GRAY MOUNTAIN by John Grisham

Me: Thumbs Up

Quick Review: I have a been a loyalist to Grisham since high school. This book was quick and easy to read and somewhat predictable but I found myself wanting to finish it. The coal company story line was really interesting and made me wonder how much of this “dumping” occurs.


Best Reads of 2014 (in no order)

The Invention of Wings

We Were Liars

The Husband’s Secret

One Plus One

Nantucket Sisters

Reconstructing Amelia

Me Before You

Night Road

The Fault in Our Stars

Lone Survivor

That’s what I’m reading! What are you reading?