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Lust and Bust

Well, hello Monday! We are out in the desert soaking up some seriously needed sunshine and family time.  I think the build up to traveling is enough to make me crazy but I have to tell you that I typed this before we left because my laptop is at home- right where it’s supposed to be.

As I’ve gotten older and in all honesty, since I have become a mom, I have found that shopping online is an easy way for me to keep my wardrobe updated with relative ease. I would rather shop in person, but it just doesn’t always happen.


The dress was a bust. I feel like it was way too busy for my small frame and I am honestly tired of chevron. Really tired of it… so as cute as the color combo of mint, red and black and the crossing stripes are it just didn’t work for me. I tried it with wedges and I still couldn’t make it work.  Darn it. Bust.

The top is a lust. I have been looking at this shirt online for two weeks now. It’s not in stores yet. It’s in my shopping bag online.  My worry is the stripe is ivory.  If it’s white, I’m buying it! So cute right?


Friday Randoms V.12

I made it. We made it. To one of the most glorious days of the year.  The last day of school before spring break. I am  committed  to traveling at spring break. To taking a week to get a away and find the sunshine.  I need it. Seriously, I need it. And my kids are so excited.  From a time perspective, it feels like a month away. And when we come home, it’s a 9 week push to summer.  All of this makes me happy.

Around the Internet…

I saw the link to this article in my Facebook feed.  To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of this blog writer but this article made me think.  What do my kids think? Am I the best party planner or the life of the party? I think I know the answer and it’s not the right one.  I think as the school year trudges on slowly, this week coming up will be a chance to be present and be the party.

I watched this video and was reduced to tears last night about. Love is so tricky. And it’s easy to love someone when things are good. But loving when it’s hard. Well, it’s just that. Hard. I dare you to watch this and not tear up.

What We Ate…

Sunday Night- Big Green Egg BBQ Ribs (3-2-1 method) with Brussel Sprouts and Bacon

Monday- Spaghetti with Shrimp

Tuesday- Leftovers

Wednesday- Chicken, Rice and Peas

Thursday – BRINNER (Glenn was gone and this is my go to)

Friday- NO CLUE.


Project 52 Week 12


Nothing says Brady like pants that are too short because he grows like a weed, a basketball in hand because sports is his life and hair that needs to be cut because it just doesn’t stop growing.


Travel Wear

I am trying to be really practical when it comes to packing for vacation. Two small kids, an airport, a week worth of stuff is just a lot to manage so I want to be comfy when I travel and be able to wear some of the things when I am out there. I don’t want to wear shorts but the thought of wearing jeans sounds terrible too since it will be in the 90’s when we get there.


It might be the perfect time to try the pants ( I have been wanting them all winter) and all of a sudden I am a big fan of Lucy Activewear.  I am thinking my Mia slip-ons are the just the right things to wear in the airport and slip on and off. I can wear this stuff again when I am out hiking, walking or getting a run in since I am confident our kids will be up early!

What do you like to wear when you travel?


Friday Randoms V.11

In just one more week, we are going to be hours away from sunshine, some quality family time and a break from everyday life. I almost don’t feel like it is real right now even though it is happening. But in true form, any time we are getting a break, things just pile on and it feels like the to do list keeps growing.  I just keep telling myself that once I get back, 9 weeks of school until summer vacation. That’s totally doable. Right?

Around the Internet….

If you are a parent, this article in the NYT is so fantastic and on point about the college admissions world.  As a high school teacher, I just hope that my kids know how much truth is in this article.  Glenn and I found so much common ground when we talked about it.

And on a lighter, note this article is hilarious and so true about Lululemon. For me it’s 1, 2, 14, 18, 19 and mostly 5 and 6.  Every day it’s my lunch bag. No regrets people.

 What We Ate

Due to schedules and life, Glenn has become the primary cook in our house and I have to tell you it’s been really good for us.  He really is a better cook than me and I think he enjoys it more!

Monday- Burgers and Fries (It was 70 and sunny and my husband makes a MEAN burger)

Tuesday- Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Wednesday- Italian Sausages and Scalloped Potatoes

Thursday- Mini Meatloaves and Garlic Parmsean Potatoes

Friday- DATE NIGHT (I think)



A Non-Kindergarten Post and Update

{Digging back in the folder of posts I never hit publish on with this one. It is not timely and probably irrelevant to most of you but this me documenting our life}

August 2014

With the anticipation of a new school year and all the posts about kindergarten starting for so many kids there is a different conversation in our house.  Brady, fortunately and unfortunately, does not make the cut-off of September 1st to enter kindergarten since his birthday is October 19th.  And Cate for that matter won’t make the cut-off either since her birthday is September 2nd (GOD HELP US).  Glenn and I both know that this is for the better in the long run.  I have read about all the benefits socially, emotionally, physically and academically.  But none of those things matter right now and it is really hard to make an almost five year old understand at this moment why so many of his friends, namely his two best buddies from daycare, are in kindergarten and he is not.

Some days he is fine with it. Really okay with it because he gets to come to school with mom for one more year and we are filling his afternoons with tennis, baseball, soccer and swimming.  And other days, he wonders why he can’t go to kindergarten and ride the bus.  Yesterday, he asked if they would still come to his birthday party.  And today he asked when he turns five in a month if he would get to go to kindergarten too.

There is so much conversation about kindergarten readiness and I will tell you as a result of daycare, he is ready. He meets every readiness standard already. I won’t bore you with his skills but yes he is so very ready.  So as a result I worry about boredom in Junior Kindergarten at our daycare. I worry about him spending his days with quite a few kids who are so much younger than him even though this will be the story the rest of his life.  I worry about him making good choices when some of the older, positive influences are gone. I worry about the connections to those boys he keenly calls “his best friends”.  How much do we push to maintain those friendships and how do we handle it if those boys, naturally, move on?

And then there are things I don’t worry about.  He plays soccer and tennis with older kids because he can and holds his own. He is being challenged to get better. He gets mad when he someone scores on him and kinetically his coordination is years ahead of his peers. Two of his friends on our block are two years older than him and he does pretty well most days with them.  He’s got some raw athleticism that is helping him bridge the age issues were facing.

I know that this is just the beginning of our journey with Brady and Cate and their ages. The first, the oldest, the choices and the mistakes.  But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that keeping him little for one more year is okay for now even if he thinks “it’s not fair”.


Brady is fine in Junior Kindergarten, but I would be lying if I told you he is totally happy.  He tells us it’s boring some days.  But there are other days he tells me something he learned that literally blows my mind.  As much as I still believe he is MORE than ready academically, the best thing about another year of preschool is that emotionally he has had some time to grow, to make mostly good but a few bad choices and a year to still be little a bit longer.  5 is emotional.  More emotional than any other age that I can think of so far.  And I think this year, the growth has been there.  Sure, he could have gone to kindergarten, but I think he would have compensated for his immaturity emotionally with athletics and at some point that would stop working. He has new “best friends” and his love for his teachers is what I think keeps him happy and going. So, for now, I fill out the paperwork and worry about kindergarten for next year.



Friday Randoms V.10 (missed 8 and 9)

Dare I say it publicly on this blog that spring is starting to show up? I’m not totally convinced since we still have SO MUCH SNOW in our yard. But really, the weather is warm enough that the chill has left my body that has been there since December.  And for the first time this week, I have not slept in a sweatshirt burrowed in our bed under a huge down comforter.  And my kids actually got to play outside when we got home tonight. Please stay…



Food For The Week

Monday- Beef and Vegetable Stirfry (such an easy,healthy meal)

Tuesday- OUT (Glenn worked late so the kids and I indulged in Steak n Shake)

Wednesday- Tortellini and Garlic Bread

Thursday- Pork Chops and Risotto

Friday- Sushi and WINE

On a random food note, I have made it four full days with no snacking other than carrots and clementines and no sweets or dessert.  I LOVE (like really love) candy.  It is my crutch and go to when I am stressed, tired or bored.  I have craved it so much and have seriously had to walk away a couple of times from the jelly belly bowl.  It’s been really really hard. Here are the repercussions of this little experiment.

I have been starving at meal time.  (Like shoveling food in hungry.)

I have not had the mid-day sugar crash.

I actually didn’t drink my coffee Wednesday and survived.

I crave fruit because it is a sweet as it gets right now.

Not sure but I am guessing I have lost weight too.


Around the internet….

This article about how to use your camera. I am seriously struggling so reading this gives me a push to find a way to learn to use my camera 100% once and for all.  {edit- I used her settings and took a bunch of pics this afternoon and they are pretty darn good}

Did you see Apple’s announcement about the watch? I watch this and think it looks so cool but do I need it?

I think I want this bowl? I mean its genius for the amount of fruit that we go thru in our house.

Are you watching “The Jinx” on HBO? My husband is obsessed and this article is so interesting to me.

Glenn’s aunt sent me this about people who take gym classes.  Pretty funny. I do have my spot.  I am pretty loyal to my spot to be honest.  And, I always notice when the people around me are not around. Except true story- last night a lady farted right as she did a plank and just loudly said “sorry”.  So gross.

The park is calling our name.  The weather is supposed to be great. We have some things to get ready for spring break like new shoes and suits.  We have a house that needs some organizing.  We have the usual to do’s on a weekend with a 3.5 and 5.5 year old. Regardless of how busy we are, the weather makes anything possible.   And there are two littles who deserve some time from us. Happy Weekend peeps.



Monday This and That

I went home this weekend after my parents returned from a 2 month stint in Arizona.  The trip served a dual purpose- to cheer on the New Trier Girls Basketball Team at the Final Four State Tournament and to visit Mimi and PawPaw.  What is it about driving down I-55 that makes my shoulders loosen a bit, my breathe to slow down and a feeling of peace to come over me?

IMG_7266 (1)

15 schools days until spring break.  I’m counting.  I’m list making. I’m checking the weather forecast daily and I am ready.  Just ready for a week away from the world with my three favorite people.  I’m dying to buy this cover-up.



We have slowly been working on our house after the major kitchen remodel we did last year.  I have had my heart set on painting our fireplace for a year.  Glenn finally agreed.  He is actually really handy so imagine my excitement when I got this picture and then the second one.  Love it. I have all these ideas to decorate the mantel for spring!


IMG_7284 (1)


It’s Monday.  The weather is finally starting to show signs of spring and I am ready to tackle another week. Back for more later this week.


Those Baby Blue Eyes (Or Green)

IMG_7145 (2)

I meant to publish this a million times and never did.  Better late than nevery right? 

A few months ago, around the holidays, my mother in law pointed out that she thought Cate had a lazy eye. If I am being totally honest, I didn’t give much thought to it and didn’t really want to.  Then, her daycare teacher who is a mom of five grown boys said something about it.  Again, I heard it but didn’t give it much thought.  Next, the daycare director pointed it out to us.  At that point, I said something to Glenn and we decided we probably need to do something.

So, the next week we were at the pediatrician for ear and sinus infections she looked at Cate and saw the same thing.  Except she didn’t think it was in her left eye.  She insisted she saw it in both eyes.  I saw her radar go up- I feel like I know her really well and while she was calm, it was obvious she had concerns.

So, two Fridays ago we saw a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Here’s the thing. Glenn and I don’t know a damn thing about eyes because we both have 20/20 vision.  We knew that the appointment was serious and would take at least an hour so we both went.

Cate was a trooper.  It was determined that our sweet girl is cross eyed and moderately far sighted.  The good news is there are no tumors which are what our worst case scenario could have been.  The news is that this little girl will now be wearing glasses indefinitely.  We need to monitor her progress at six weeks and then six months.  There is a chance that she can grow out of it.  There is a chance it will get worse and need surgery.  But, all of that considered I can’t get over this.

Why? Because girls are mean.  They are cruel and see their own imperfections and their friends.  They judge each other for things on the outside which I know because I was one of those girls.  And at this age she will be one of two kids in our entire daycare with glasses.  My head asked questions about sports, swimming, contacts and lasik.  I was worried that her life was going to be harder and different out of the gates going in to school.


I never hit publish on this post but I finally did because this is a place for memories and happenings.  One year later our sweet girl is happily wearing glasses. She tells us when we forget them as we get her ready in the morning.  She wants them and has been really great with them. A year ago,  we were living at the eye glasses store have them fixed and adjusted but I am proud to say that we made it a year without a major disaster.  And even better news is that her eyes are getting better.  She could care less that she is the only kid with glasses and it doesn’t faze her. She proudly puts them away at nap time and keeps them on all day.  Kids are intrigued. Some want to try to them and others want her to take them off but if you know Cate, she doesn’t listen to anyone.  Only herself. And I couldn’t imagine her without them now.