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Cate {Four}

­­­­­­­“Though she be but little, she is fierce” “Though she be but little, she is fierce”

cate4Dear Cate,
I thought it might be time to write you a quick letter- to hash some things out.  Someday talking to you might be dicey with the whole teenage thing so hopefully these letters will be something you can hang on to.  You are turning four today.  Four years old and yet as cliché as it sounds it feels more like fourteen- with the sass, emotion, opinions and expressions.  I’ve watched you grow from being in the toddler world in to a little girl that idolizes her daddy, can hold her own with the boys, smiles bigger than ever in a ballet leotard and tights and is so attached to her mommy it is gratifying and terrifying all at once.

You celebrated your birthday for the first time with friends this year…you wanted a party and we tried to deliver.  You declared it, “the best day ever”.  You just want to be big.  To have a connection to your brother and have some attention.  You have blossomed in to an articulate, crazy polite, confident little girl who still makes me question my parenting on a daily basis when you cry.

4 Things I Love About You

  1. I love your deep, pure belly laugh when you’re daddy or I do something funny. You have an innocence when you laugh that reminds me your troubles are oh so small in this world.
  1. I love your intensity. Rarely do I praise this quality that you have because it is impossible to not loathe it when you are negotiating, interrupting or insisting on something.  Any other time, I praise it because I know some day this trait will be the foundation of you doing great things.
  1. I love how truly funny you are… not silly. Witty and funny. You’re humor is on point and funny. And you know that you are funny.  That’s the best part.  You learned this silly game from your daddy that can cut the tension any time.    “Look over there…” and we usually fall for it and look or do it anyways and then you plant the biggest, wettest, kiss on our cheek.   It melts your daddy and I every single time.
  2. I love your sense of adventure and your complete lack of fear.  You will ride any ride.  Climb any slide.  Jump in to any pool.  And you don’t think twice about doing it.  While your brother analyzes everything, you jump in feet first with no hesitation.  Not going to lie, it terrifies us and usually gets you in trouble but I think it’s awesome that you really think you can do anything.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to tell you four things little girl that you   should think about as you get older.  Things I wish I would have listened to my own mama about when she tried telling me when I was younger.

  1. You are you. Don’t ever try to be someone else.  People see right thru it.  Be you.  Be proud of you.  We are and always will be proud of who you are. Don’t ever stop being you- people don’t like you it’s their loss.
  1. Being nice and taking the high road is always the better choice. I’m not proud of it, but there are times that I have been the one saying hurtful things and it never ever made me feel better. Not one time.  Maybe in the moment in did but in the end, I felt worse. Remember that words hurt and are rarely forgotten so think. Think before you speak.
  1. Confidence is a good thing. As my dear friend Kristen tells me constantly, “I’ve never met a strong girl I didn’t like”.  Know what you stand for at your core and never compromise. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something.  You can do anything love bug. If you think you can, you will.  Your daddy and I will be there to cheer you or catch you if you fall.
  1. More isn’t always better. For so long, I thought the more friends I had, the better off I was. But, you know what I have learned in the past few years- a couple really great friends is better than 100 okay ones.  Don’t be afraid to cut the dead weight and focus on the ones you love.  Keep your family first.  Defend them, love them, prioritize them and find some true, genuine friends. Trust me.

I love you little girl.  Keep being you… with your messy hair in your face.  Your fifteen blankets over your head in your bed.  Your long legs that go for days.  Your imagination and inclination to make a mess whenever we turn an eye.  With your requests for juice the first words out of your mouth in the morning.  And your big grin with those raised eyebrows when you need to lighten the mood.  That little girl has a piece of my heart.  And I love her “the best and the most”.  Happy Birthday Caterade!