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17 in 2017 and a Year in Review

2017.  You kicked ass.  No seriously, you were awesome.  This year is at the top of the charts for me.  2018 has some serious impressing to do.  My most recent post (in February 2017 insert eye roll here) I made a list of 17 things I wanted to do this year and I nailed 11 of them.  I’m going to take that as a victory on the list and move on because 2017 was just so plain good.  So, I didn’t accomplish the entire list.  I’m choosing to give myself some grace because the past year has been great in some many ways.  Let’s recap so I don’t forget.

We spent President’s Weekend in Lake Geneva with friends- it was an unseasonably warm weekend and we had the best time with friends we see way too infrequently.  We got our kids up on skis and it’s safe to say they loved it.  We went to Florida over spring break with my family and had a literally picture perfect week at the beach.  We spent Easter Sunday at Wrigley, just the 4 of us and it was one of my favorite days of the year.  We watched Brady find a home on the baseball field in the spring as we happily found out he made a travel soccer team in May.  We took a truly magical trip to Disney World in June and watched Tom Petty at Wrigley Field in one of his last shows.   In July, we celebrated 10 years of marriage with an incredible trip to Wine Country a place that now has a piece of our hearts forever.  We witnessed the eclipse with our street.  In August, we made a trip to St. Louis and got to spend some sweet time with my grandma who is 96 and I missed daily.   We spent a week on the shores of Lake Michigan right after that with family and settled in this fall with two kids in same school which included Cate starting kindergarten.  We saw Zac Brown Band at Wrigley with great friends. As Brady started travel soccer, we learned he made a highly selective travel baseball team which was a shock but exciting to all of us. We have started to find our groove socially and in our community and at church.  We have dear friends that are like family to us. We have family that we love to spend our time with.  So, 2017, thanks.  For giving me a year where the worries were less and the love and laughter was more.

On to 2018.