Apple Holler Farms

Rarely on the weekends do we have no plans but this weekend was wide open.  We talked casually all week about what to do but never committed.  On Saturday we woke up to a picture perfect almost fall day.  It was cool and crisp when we woke up requiring pants and jackets.  By mid-morning we were comfortable in shorts and could even take our jackets off.

We continued tossing around ideas and we decided on Apple Holler Farms in Sturtevant, WI.


We knew it was going to take us 45 minutes to get there so we quickly got organized to leave.  The only bad news of the day, both kids fell asleep on the way there and I knew the minute I saw both sets of eyes closed that no nap was happening in the afternoon. #carnapsaremymortalenemy

$5 to park in a lot and we were ready.  You pay for the adults ($12 per person) and kids under 6 are free to ride and pick with you in the orchard.  We took an awesome train attached to a tractor ride out about as far as you could go in the orchard to where the Honeycrisp were growing.  We left our stroller at the orchard entrance but you can take it on the tractor ride or use one of their wagons.  When were dropped off, I was panicked about how far we were with two small kids and no stroller. But honestly, it was fine. There were tractors everywhere and everyone was so friendly.

Brady and Cate  had SO much fun.  Trying to fine ripe apples with no worm holes.  Cate especially loved plucking them off and screaming “I did it. I got one” and Brady was excited to fill his bag.


We grabbed apples while we walked and ate them.  I might have pinched myself asking in that moment if life could get any better.  We even got a family picture.

The best one I got thanks to a really nice man!

The best one I got thanks to a really nice man!

Cate started to be naughty- picking apples from the ground taking a bite and throwing it down to grab another one- and gross so we decided we were done picking.

We caught a wagon to head back and it drove us through this enchanted forest where the trees had wooden animals hiding in them for kids to find. Brady and Cate loved looking for animals and ended up on their knees looking out while waving saying “Hi Everyone”.



There was an awesome petting zoo area- we didn’t venture there.  There was a huge slide that you rode down on a burlap sack that our kids loved. Tons of space to run and just have some fun.

The food was unbelieveable. Apple cider donuts, apple fritter donuts, Spotted Cow Beer and even Cider Boys Raspberry Smash that is fruity and so delicious. There was a restaurant and a barbeque smell that was out of this world that I am dying to try next time we go there. When we left a few minutes before noon, it was packed. The parking lots were full, the line was long for everything and there were people everywhere!

It was one of those days that I the feeling of contentment kept bubbling inside of me.  Proof that life is getting easier with an almost 4 year old and a 2 year old and hope for all of the experiences to come.  This place will become our tradition.  And I even made an apple pie with some of those apples which you saw if you follow me on Instagram.

And no, Apple Holler Farms did not pay me to say all these nice things about them. It is just that cool of a place that I wanted to talk about it.