Okay, I know this post is a little late and overdue but I have a good, not great, excuse and that is I am back to work! Between getting up, feeding the little man, getting ready, getting both of us out of the house, working all day, picking him up, cleaning, sterilizing, making bottles for the next day, trying to assemble some sort of dinner, giving Brady a bath, bottle and putting him to bed, it is 9pm and I am exhausted. At this point, I am lucky to have a conversation with Glenn before I collapse in to bed every night. We are both running on fumes right now. I am SO grateful our wee one sleeps through the night but I am still dead tired. No, I know I should not be complaining because a lot of mamas have it a lot worse, but this is my plea for forgiveness since I haven’t blogged in a while.

On Sunday, January 10th we baptized Brady at St. Alphonsous. It is the prettiest church and the first one I went to in the city when I moved her after college. Brady was a “good sport” and did not make a peep until the cold water hit his head! It was great to have our families there and we could not be happier that Uncle Todd and Aunt Laura agreed to his godparents!