Brooklyn and Brady

Meet Brady’s friend Brooklyn….this is who Brady spends his days with now that I am back to work full time! Our awesome nanny Jana takes care of both babies. Brooklyn is 2 1/2 weeks older than Brady and is the adorable daughter of my friend Kristen at work. Brady is in his “I blew out all of my outfits, so I am wearing the “emergency” outfit mama packs in my diaper bag” sleeper.

The past two weeks Brady has been going to Brooklyn’s house in Evanston every day until she moved back in to the city. While, I have not loved driving with him every morning and after school, Kristen and I have been riding to work together and it has been a morning chat, commute and coffee stop I have come to truly enjoy! They just moved back in to the city a mile away from us so Brooklyn and Brady are going to be seeing each other not only for the rest of the school year but hopefully lots this summer too!