Friday Randoms V.16

Oh man, quiet over here in blog land. Some days I will tell you I literally just had nothing to write and other days I knew I had things to say but wasn’t really wanting to put them out there for all to read.

This week was just weird.  And hectic. And weird.  When we have a busy weekend, I feel like we don’t recover really well the next week.  Coupled with the fact that Cate has had a cold for a long time and a fever showed up Wednesday night which feels weirdly fitting for this week.  I caught a cold earlier this week and I am still suffering through it.  I feel like I have been sick every other month since Christmas.   Prior to this year, I have been pretty healthy but this year has not been great.  Add to that, work has been a beast.  I’ll just leave it at that for now.  A beast that I am not dealing with very well right now.  And I have to chaperone the prom on Saturday night.  It is a lovely night.  Really lovely night once you get there.   But getting there and the days leading up to it are hard.  No one likes being out on a Saturday night at my age until midnight, with teenagers and without booze.  The upside of all of this is that my mama is on her way and my pops will be here tomorrow so there’s that positive.

If you saw my Facebook post last weekend, my ma scored big at the Lilly Pulitzer for Target extravaganza last weekend. She braved the crowds since mine was not even bearable and managed to score quite a few things for Cate and I.  I’m dying to try them on and keep thinking some returns might make their way back in to the store soon. A girl can hope right? Have you seen the resale market? Ebay sellers are charging the same for this merchandise as it costs for regular Lilly stuff. Insanity I tell you.

Brady is in full t-ball swing. We followed the rules and put him in the 4/5 year old league for non-Kindergartners and let me tell you- big mistake playing by the rules. He was huge. A beast among babies and his athleticism really showed.  So we moved to the kindergarten league where tons of kids not in kindergarten are playing but it is pretty much the same and we are waiting for him to say he is bored. I’m not ready for him to get older but I am ready for him to start playing more organized sports. I need something to challenge him on that front besides Glenn and I in the front yard.

Around the Internet

I am truly a loyalist and a lover of J. Crew. But lately, some of their stuff has my head scratching.  This article is so funny and on point.  Bring back the classics. Please.

This article is interesting just because I know people that this situation is theirs but I fall in the others category where it is not the case.  I don’t feel like I “get it” or it “resonates” with me because honestly I work because it makes sense financially,  for insurance and because I love it.  If one of those things changed, I’m not sure where I would stand. If there is one thing being married to my husband has done, it has made me have a more critical eye with money. Scary.

And finally, this video had tears running down my face.

What We Ate

Monday- Grilled Kabobs

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken and Scalloped Potatoes

Wednesday- Sushi and Sandwiches

Thursday- Burgers

Friday- ?

Happy Weekend. Enjoy it… I know I am ready for some time with my mama and pops.



Friday Randoms V.11

In just one more week, we are going to be hours away from sunshine, some quality family time and a break from everyday life. I almost don’t feel like it is real right now even though it is happening. But in true form, any time we are getting a break, things just pile on and it feels like the to do list keeps growing.  I just keep telling myself that once I get back, 9 weeks of school until summer vacation. That’s totally doable. Right?

Around the Internet….

If you are a parent, this article in the NYT is so fantastic and on point about the college admissions world.  As a high school teacher, I just hope that my kids know how much truth is in this article.  Glenn and I found so much common ground when we talked about it.

And on a lighter, note this article is hilarious and so true about Lululemon. For me it’s 1, 2, 14, 18, 19 and mostly 5 and 6.  Every day it’s my lunch bag. No regrets people.

 What We Ate

Due to schedules and life, Glenn has become the primary cook in our house and I have to tell you it’s been really good for us.  He really is a better cook than me and I think he enjoys it more!

Monday- Burgers and Fries (It was 70 and sunny and my husband makes a MEAN burger)

Tuesday- Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Wednesday- Italian Sausages and Scalloped Potatoes

Thursday- Mini Meatloaves and Garlic Parmsean Potatoes

Friday- DATE NIGHT (I think)



Friday Randoms V.10 (missed 8 and 9)

Dare I say it publicly on this blog that spring is starting to show up? I’m not totally convinced since we still have SO MUCH SNOW in our yard. But really, the weather is warm enough that the chill has left my body that has been there since December.  And for the first time this week, I have not slept in a sweatshirt burrowed in our bed under a huge down comforter.  And my kids actually got to play outside when we got home tonight. Please stay…



Food For The Week

Monday- Beef and Vegetable Stirfry (such an easy,healthy meal)

Tuesday- OUT (Glenn worked late so the kids and I indulged in Steak n Shake)

Wednesday- Tortellini and Garlic Bread

Thursday- Pork Chops and Risotto

Friday- Sushi and WINE

On a random food note, I have made it four full days with no snacking other than carrots and clementines and no sweets or dessert.  I LOVE (like really love) candy.  It is my crutch and go to when I am stressed, tired or bored.  I have craved it so much and have seriously had to walk away a couple of times from the jelly belly bowl.  It’s been really really hard. Here are the repercussions of this little experiment.

I have been starving at meal time.  (Like shoveling food in hungry.)

I have not had the mid-day sugar crash.

I actually didn’t drink my coffee Wednesday and survived.

I crave fruit because it is a sweet as it gets right now.

Not sure but I am guessing I have lost weight too.


Around the internet….

This article about how to use your camera. I am seriously struggling so reading this gives me a push to find a way to learn to use my camera 100% once and for all.  {edit- I used her settings and took a bunch of pics this afternoon and they are pretty darn good}

Did you see Apple’s announcement about the watch? I watch this and think it looks so cool but do I need it?

I think I want this bowl? I mean its genius for the amount of fruit that we go thru in our house.

Are you watching “The Jinx” on HBO? My husband is obsessed and this article is so interesting to me.

Glenn’s aunt sent me this about people who take gym classes.  Pretty funny. I do have my spot.  I am pretty loyal to my spot to be honest.  And, I always notice when the people around me are not around. Except true story- last night a lady farted right as she did a plank and just loudly said “sorry”.  So gross.

The park is calling our name.  The weather is supposed to be great. We have some things to get ready for spring break like new shoes and suits.  We have a house that needs some organizing.  We have the usual to do’s on a weekend with a 3.5 and 5.5 year old. Regardless of how busy we are, the weather makes anything possible.   And there are two littles who deserve some time from us. Happy Weekend peeps.



Friday Randoms V.7

Lots of radio silence on the blog right now. I am done apologizing for it when it happens. I love this space but when I don’t love it is when I feel the pressure to be here and that’s how it felt the past two weeks or so.

But, it’s Friday and I’m ready to get back in to giving you glimpses in to our life.

This article I think is such an important lesson in the use of social media. It was written for the New York Times, objective and sends such a clear message about the importance of understanding the impact of things posted online.   Added to that, when we were in Lake Geneva this past weekend, a dad we met at a bar told us if he could give us one piece of advice (he was there celebrating his 20-something son’s engagement) it would be to know your kids passwords to everything and to check social media constantly to see what they are posting. Not sure I agree on this one but still something to think about.

We all have a cold right now that just won’t seem to go away. I am the most worried about Cate who I feel like has had one since the middle of January.  With temperatures and wind chills insanely cold right now, I am counting the days down to spring break. 5 weeks. 5 weeks people. I can feel the sunshine on my skin.

Last weekend we snuck away for literally 24 hours with Glenn’s college friends (and my friends too) to Lake Geneva.  We don’t stay in the nicest place, or do anything fancy but it is always such a good time.  The people are just good people.  The time is so needed.  We laugh a lot, drink even more and just get to relax.

Brady has been really funny with words and language lately.  He sounds out everything. He enunciates words with major emphasis on every single syllable.  It’s hilarious and annoying.  Sometimes it’s the word you say. Other times it’s something he sees on tv or reads on a piece of paper.  But then, last night, out of nowhere he just started reading.  Reading people.  The words on his new pajamas.  And then the words on the tv.  My mind was blown. I screamed. He covered his ears and grinned.  It’s a milestone.  I’m happy since I love to read but so sad because it is just another indicator that the baby in him is long gone.

This was a really boring and uninspiring food week for us.  The freezing temperatures, nasty head colds and life just left me cooking some boring repeats.  I am already menu planning for next week and looking forward to trying some new recipes.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!






Friday Randoms V.4

­­­­­­­Happy Friday! Oh my gosh this week has just been brutal. I don’t know what it is but I have to tell you I feel like I am just off. I am just not feeling it. I’m tired, grumpy and just feeling funny.  Maybe it’s been the start of a new semester, the weird schedules, and Cate being up a lot of nights this week.  I started to wonder if I was even getting sick maybe but I think I am just in a funk right now. Wah… I don’t know what it is but as I told Glenn I feel like I could complain for hours but I really have nothing to complain about.  Ugh…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this. There is something so special about my Brady James.  Unprompted he showed this to his teacher and said it was a note for me.


We have a lot going on this weekend but it should be fun stuff which makes me happy. Glenn and I are going to see American Sniper tonight and tomorrow he and I have date with our sweet girl while Brady is at a birthday party extravaganza. And then of course there is the Super Bowl. I am dying to make this Supreme Pizza Dip. I have a feeling it will be a hit!

I shared this article on my facebook page.  As an educator, I just don’t agree with PARCC testing.  As a parent I am teriffied.   I am soon going to become the mom of a kindergartner and the standardized testing world is problem my biggest worry if we navigate the public education system.  The only hope I have is this our school district.  This letter gives me some confidence that public school systems will join forces in eliminating our testing system.

Food for the Week

Monday- Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake (it was delicious and even better as leftovers)

Tuesday- Sushi (Our cleaning ladies come and I refuse to cook in a sparkling kitchen)

Wednesday-  Skinnytaste CookbookSanta Fe Crockpot Chicken  over Rice

Thursday- Glenn was working late  so the kids had breakfast for dinner since they beg for Paw Paw’s pancakes and loved this new gadget!

Friday- Hmmmm…

Have a great weekend!



Friday Randome v.3

Bad habits sure are hard to break! Almost went a whole week without posting here. Darn it.

Happy Friday folks! Hope you had a great week! With no school on Monday, this week felt really short and fast and I am still so looking forward to the weekend. We don’t have a lot going on this weekend which is just what I need.  Well, I am solo parenting but that’s not a big deal…

This week I reconnected with my yoga mat which I have really missed. I am not sure what it is but I walk out there in a better place mentally which is worth just about as much as the physical benefits to me.  Glenn will tell you the hour in yoga is cheaper than therapy and while he may not get it, he supports it because I come out of there with a clear head.  I am all of a sudden a fan of this Lucy tank- long enough that it covers my tush and lightweight. I snagged a couple on sale at Dick’s of all places.

I had the pleasure of jury duty this week which is just dumb. And inefficient.  I can’t believe the amount of sitting I did, was highly annoyed we were given a 2 hour lunch hour, forced to return for another hour and then dismissed for the day. So inefficient.  I am all about being a good citizen and doing my civil duty but good lord it was long day with no wi-fi.

I really have enjoyed this infographic. So interesting and I keep going back to it.  Maybe because all of a sudden food is becoming more important to me.

We had some good meals this week and after our outing to The Social Table, which I highly recommend, and I am inspired to cook.  I am not quite ready to start the #whole30 bandwagon but at least I am committed to getting home cooked meals on our plates and trying new things. I haven’t weighed myself but this is the best I have felt in a while about my body…

Sunday- Buffalo Chicken Wings on the Big Green Egg (the only wings I’ll eat now btw)

Monday- Maple and Mustard Glazed Salmon with Roasted Vegetables (so easy)

Tuesday- Tacos

Wednesday Night- Chicken and Potato Chowder and Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

Thursday- Ordered OUT

Friday- OUT

Have a great weekend. I am looking forward to sipping coffee, playing with my kids and maybe just maybe getting down some of our Christmas lights!



Friday Randoms v.2

Happy Friday friends! Another week in the books and honestly, I don’t mind that January is moving fast because it is cold and wet  with a lot more to come I am sure.  It’s really hard to be happy when every day is gray and slushy but the countdown to spring break is on- 10 weeks.  If we could just see the sun, I would be thrilled at this point.

Brady has a rash that has put us both in prompt care and in our pediatrician’s office this week. Our pediatrician is convinced it is viral but Brady is healthy as can be albeit itchy…really itchy.  Poor kid. On top of it, Brady was just referred to ENT for his darn tonsils and adenoids. That makes a tad nervous.

What I’m Reading: Why US Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind  Such an interesting read about what the US is doing wrong with maternity leaves. I am not sure if I have a strong opinion either way but I get the point the article is making especially after getting the summary of our daycare costs this week.

Dinner- We had a couple of really great meals this week. I have fallen in love with the Skinny Taste Cookbook. I feel like the recipes are not only healthy but easy to follow for someone like me who is not a great cook.

Sunday- Kale and Chicken Sausage Pasta (via Skinnytaste cookbook)

Monday- Wildfire Salads

Tuesday- Chili

Wednesday- Bertolli (NEVER AGAIN)

Thursday- Open Faced Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches (via Skinnytaste cookbook)

And tonight I am so excited to be going out my girls! I could care less what we eat or drink- I am just grateful for a night with the two women that I can kick my shoes off and be myself with even if the week has been long! This weekend is going to be filled with adventures in sledding for the first time this winter season and a night out with friends at The Social Table to celebrate a birthday! Cooking, eating and drinking with friends sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me!



Five Things on a Friday

Happy Friday! This week was just an “off week” for us.  When we don’t have school one day and testing on another I just feel like the week becomes a jumbled mess. I guess I should get used to it since there are hardly any 5 day school weeks from now until Christmas Break. (9 weeks if you are counting. Yikes!)

1. This big guy turns 5 on Sunday. I just can’t even fathom that he is days away from being five. Every fall I think about that crisp, rainy fall day we brought him home and how much our lives have changed for the better since then.


2. We are taking family pictures tomorrow with our steady photographer, Heidi Peters. Here’s a sneak peak of what we are wearing. The temperature is making it more complicated than it need to be but oh well.

3. I just finished Elements of Style by Erin Gates and really can’t say enough about the book. It was so easy to read and gave me some confidence. Do yourself a favor and grab it to read. Decorating seems less scary all of a sudden.

4. I read “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes this summer and sobbed through most of it. Have you heard about the girl in Oregon? I just can’t stop thinking about it and her choice to die instead of suffering and I’m anxious to see what happens on November 1st.

5. My high school football team is 6-1 going in tonight’s game and there is this buzz at school where there is zero school spirit and excitement school wide about sports.  Maybe it’s because it’s expected and happens with frequency but the idea of fall football playoffs make me giddy.   Maybe it’s my small town roots and #fridaynightlights love but I’m ready.

Have a great weekend folks! I’m ready for it.


Friday Already

Happy Friday friends! For some reasons the weeks just keep going by and before I know it summer is going to be here and life is going to be totally different. If we could just Mother Nature the memo that it is supposed to be spring not winter I think I could start smelling the BBQ grill, see the breeze ripple papers on our island with the windows open and see my kids running thru the yard as the sun starts its slow descent for the night. Here are some of the million thoughts racing in my head as the week ends.

~I am questioning what is up with Cate right now. She is fussy. Really fussy. She is 19 months old. She shouldn’t be right? Why? Why does she cry all of the time? Why does she want to be held all of the time? Why are simple things like brushing her teeth resulting in full blown tears and screaming? What is she needing or not getting at some point each day? My original instinct questioned if she was sick or not. Could be. But something just doesn’t seem right. Yes, she is strong willed and verbal.  Am I struggling with this because we never dealt with until now? I will take any suggestions or things to try.  Is it something we should take her to the doctor for? Is it normal? Looking for anything here people which could include a 12 pack of beer.

~ I am contemplating change. Change for me. Vague I know. But, I keep thinking about what change means for me, for my husband and for my kids. We are finding things are barely but starting to get easier. And with a change comes uncertainty, new routines, new roles and a new life.  I have spent a lot of time this week lying awake at night trying to decide at my core what I want, what I need and what I risks I am willing to take and I am just not sure. 

~ Do you sell things on Craigslist? I do. I get in these moods to sell all things in our house and I do. I sell anything I can and secretly do the touchdown dance the minute I have the cash in my hand from a sale. I buy nothing to this point on Craigslist but I just keep thinking that we have nice stuff in our house and even though I don’t want it anymore someone might.   Am I wrong? Is there something I should be buying off Craigslist?

~Lastly, this is TMI for some of you but I learned an important lesson yesterday when I was conditioning with the freshmen softball team. After two kids, jump roping just doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. Use your imagination and then know I sprinted to the bathroom….

Have a great weekend. We have no plans other than a dinner date tomorrow night. Hoping for some spring cleaning, relaxing, good food and some sleep! How about you?