Family Room- This or That?

I want to show you some progress when it comes to decorating our house. And for the life of me I can’t seem to finish spaces and actually get a room 100% complete. Why? Because it’s those finishing touches that I can’t pull the trigger on to get it finished. So, I’m hoping if you can help me decide then, maybe just maybe we can get a room done. Just one. And then maybe we can work on another one.

Here is our family room. At least the part you need to be concerned about. (I’m standing in the beginning of our kitchen.)


What you can’t see is our old tv stand and tv (dead left) and the fireplace (which is on an angle next to our three windows). 

The fireplace will be whitewashed as soon as we get a quote back and can get it scheduled. The tv is getting a new stand.

So, the end tables are going away. And the lamps are going to the living room.

Here are my thoughts.  Concern yourself with that corner which is the eye sore.

One new end table next to the couch.

This one? via

world market end table










Or that one? via

west elm side table










One new lamp behind the chair.

This one? Via

west elm lamp










Or that one? via

target lam










And this print diptych print from etsy will go behind the chair as well.


etsy chicago art








So, what do you say? Thoughts?


Our Kitchen “The Demo”

Okay, so where did I leave off? You saw the old kitchen.  And we were ready to demo.  We knew that the renovation was going to be long and stressful and like any old house we also knew that there would be some unexpected things that may cause issues.  I was optimistic about the timeline and work required.  So, we left on spring break knowing that the demolition would start and that we would come home to something very different. We had no idea.


The studs.


And beautiful vintage wallpaper.


Yes, I had a take a couple of really deep breaths. It was a lot to handle after being on planes all day with kids and it did get some getting used to.  We lost the ability to walk through there and our family room which left us going outside to go to the garage for our refrigerator.  Read it again.  Yes, we had to go outside to get to the garage where our fridge was located.  To say that our house was dusty was an understatement. That was the worst part.  The dust that is everywhere no matter how many times we have people in to clean.

On a happier note, let’s talk my vision.  For the kitchen, I wanted to stay true to the fact that our home is traditional in nature but I wanted to embrace the chance to update the space.  So, I tried to blend the traditional nature of our home and some new ideas.  Our main floor is full of neutrals, lots of gray and some taupe so we decided to stay consistent with it.   Are you ready to see some progress? It’s coming.


Our Kitchen- “The Before”

When we were looking to move, I knew that we were going to need to do work to almost any house we bought if we wanted to live in our targeted location.  I was thinking almost a complete gut job would be necessary in a couple of the homes we looked at even thought that was the last thing we (meaning Glenn) wanted to do.   When we bought our house we were pleasantly surprised that the kitchen was updated.  We didn’t pay too much attention to it.  It had newer stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.  I know we talked about the size since it was smaller and some potential issues but there wasn’t a deal breaker and it didn’t stop us from buying our house.

I knew a kitchen remodel would be in our future.  I didn’t realize how necessary it would become and how dysfunctional our kitchen actually is our daily use of it.

The dishwasher doesn’t fully open because it is located too close to the stove.  (Seriously?)


There is little functional counter space and lots of dead counter space.

The fridge is fine but bending over has caused us to hit our heads one too many times.

The pantry is shallow and the shelves are all one size.


The floor tiles are separating and gross.


Below are some of the pics from the realty website where our house was listed.



There is a narrow walkway that is the only way from the front of our house (the bathroom) and our kitchen and to our family room.




There is no lighting above our table and the flow is weird from the kitchen to eating area.




I realize a lot of this makes me sound spoiled and ridiculous but these are big things to our family and our long term home since I firmly believe and remember from my own childhood that the heart of our house was and still is the kitchen.  A gathering space.  A homework place.  And the room in our house used the most.

So, while we were soaking up the sun as a family in Florida on spring break, the demolition began.  Want to see the pics of what it looks like now? It’s coming soon!


Weekend Randomness

The weather this weekend in Chicago reminded me why I love Chicago in the summer. The sun was shining all weekend long. There was not one ounce of humidity in the air. The nights were filled with cool breezes coming off the lake and we woke up to birds chirping.


We took a trip down memory lane. To the lakefront. The place I will always associate with my engagement, my husband, and the beginnings of our adventures that have led us to where we are. As we biked there I seriously questioned if my 30 week pregnant body would defy me. It didn’t and the lakefront didn’t disappoint.

I watched in awe, with tears in my eyes as my boys watched boats from the harbor enter the sparkling, shining, blue water of Lake Michigan. I stood behind them and the only thought I could clearly hear in my head which had been swirling with to do’s, must do’s and do now lists was don’t forget this image. Etch this moment in your brain because this is what life is about.


If you talk to me you know that like mother like son, my kid hates milk. But the kid loves, ice cream. And I am not above feeding it to him EVERY SINGLE NIGHT if it means some dairy goes in his body to help those bones heal. So, for the sake of not lugging him and his weapon of a cast to Scooters or Dairy Queen every night, I decided to become an ice cream shop. Saturday night it was chocolate milkshakes. And they didn’t disappoint.

Our house is our home. We have been “working on it” since we bought it (i.e. it has been sucking money from us since we bough tit) It has become a symbol of our efforts. It has new fixtures, redesigned spaces that I will show you soon, and every modern amenity that you would or could want in a house. It also means our kid has learned the joys of Menards and Home Depot. This weekend, paint stirrers were the drum sticks and paint cans the drums. The carpet was just taking up precious space in his cart.

Happy Monday! Can you believe July is already here? That means we are less than 10 weeks away from meeting our newest addition! The to do list is back to swirling in my head…Have a great week!