Hug Your Babies Harder

I was going about my routine Monday night.

Give Cate reflux medicine.

Warm up the bottle.

Slow dance with Cate and singing in her ears to distract her as we wait.

The bottle was warm.

Grab phone and head up to the glider.

I had two text messages.

Instinctively, I knew.

This baby’s battle was over.

She was gone.

The tears started and didn’t stop.

Deep, sobbing, guttural tears that would not relent.

Leaving her parents, a brother and army of people on this earth with broken hearts.

No parent should have to bury a child.

And Blake and Brooke are good people.

Good to the core.

People you want to be friends with.

So, hug your babies tonight and every night for that matter.

Forgot about the whining, the crying, the negotiating, the tears, and exhaustion.

Be grateful you have one to hug.