Tidbits of Talk {Volume 1}

Happy Wednesday! Sometimes when I write I realize I don’t have enough to write an entire blog post on something but I still feel compelled to “put things out there”. So begins what I am hoping is a weekly series called Tidbits of Talk.

~ I have worked last the last two nights and it is taking a toll on me. Between getting up with Cate (still, yes, I know, it’s BRUTAL), getting up extra early to pump and being “on” from 5am to 9pm, my body is really weary. I can feel it in between my shoulders and see it in my eyes. There is a silver lining…this is actually one of those times I appreciate the daycare at my high school. I stayed a little later yesterday morning and snuggled Cate then I stopped by while Brady was on the playground for one more kiss. Did it make my morning more chaotic with fewer minutes to spare? Yes. Was it worth it? 100%

~ I was starting to think things were getting easier. But really, they aren’t. I keep thinking we are adjusting and then we have a rough morning, terse words, tears, or a late start and I spend the minutes in the car wondering if and when life will ever get easier. I question if a move will really solve some of these things. There is just no down time. Seriously, the only time I sit down is when I am pumping or feeding Cate. Otherwise, I am washing bottles, making bottles, getting dinner ready, and laying out clothes, washing clothes or packing bags. There is no time for us, me or him and it continues to take its toll. It is life right now but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

~ The weather has been unseasonably warm for Chicago. We are talking highs in the 50’s this week. I am itching, craving, begging and hoping my running shoes will somehow end up on my feet so I can get moving. Yet tomorrow snow is in the forecast … major snow. Cue the insanity of commuting with two kids. But as I drive, I am going to remember the warm temperatures of today and the excitement bubbling inside of me to bust out the Bob Revolution, my running shoes and my favorite girl once spring hits Chicago in a few months for those daily jogs I crave.

~We have 8 wedding in 2012. I really thought we were past the “phase” of rocking out to Bon Jovi on the dance floor at a reception hall with a Coors Light in hand but clearly we aren’t. But you know what? I am looking forward to it and ready to buy some new party dresses.

~ I love being organized but with that being said I feel like I actually have too much technology right now and my paper planner has left me feeling lost. I can’t decide where I want to menu plan, keep family info, write the grocery list etc…so I am left with one thing on my ipad, one thing in my MomAgenda and everything else in my head. Sigh…

~ I went to church on Christmas Eve and this weekend for Cate’s baptism. It felt really good, really right to be back in that space. I realized that I miss worshipping. I miss the hour I have to clear my mind and recharge. I need to get back in church. It’s important to me and I have decided it’s time. So, I vow this weekend, I will take a child (probably Cate) and go. I would like to take Brady. He didn’t really sit still at Cate’s baptism but I realized it’s because we have not taken him to church, taught him how to act in that setting or space. Maybe I will try both once I master taking Cate.

Happy Hump Day Friends! Do you have any tidbits you would like to share?


Guest Posting and Other Thoughts…

Today, I had the privilege of guest posting over at Back to the Basics! Go over and give Julie and her blog some love! The post is all about my commuting with a toddler at the end of the school year! I have to tell you reading my own post, makes me laugh…I think that’s a good sign?

A baby was born yesterday… one of my bestie’s welcomed a sweet boy on her mama’s birthday and Glenn and I’s wedding anniversary. Coincidence? No way! I am just so happy for her family as they start the amazing journey of parenthood.

Another one of my dear friends is in crisis with her family. I don’t want to say much more but know that our hearts are heavy with worry and sadness and we are praying her family comes through this.

I am 33 weeks and starting to freak. (I try to take deep breaths but it doesn’t work.) We have so much crap to do. The good news is that my parents are home from Colorado so things will get done. Pretty pathetic it takes my mama to get my butt moving. I am 32.

Brady’s cast is off. Still got a ways to go…we need to be patient with him and his leg. More on that later…

Happy Weekend! Started off with a trip to the Shedd today and family time tomorrow.