Project 52 Week 2



High Five for Friday February 6th

Happy Friday Friends! Can I get a TGIF! Holy cow was this a long, challenging week. Let’s get to it.

1. Brady got croup again this week. The good things- we know what to do when he gets it, our pediatrician gives us the steroids without question and we move on.  Stupid winter colds have plagued our household this week. Lucky for us we have NOTHING going on this weekend, so I am thinking we will lay low and get healthy.

2. The Super Bowl proved to be a money making venture for me. I was in a playoff fantasy football league with Glenn and his friends for the most part and guess what…. I WON! Money in my pocket. Some will get spent on some things for me and the rest is going in the bank.  See how much my marriage has made me more responsible?

3. Next weekend, hopefully, we are headed to Lake Geneva with friends for a quick weekend getaway.  I am so looking forward to lounging around, catching up with friends, eating and drinking to my heart’s content. I miss my kids desperately when I am gone, but I could really use a break.

4. Tech geek stuff. I made a book of our Instagram Life through Artifact Uprising.  It was delivered this week and I am in love.  It is lovely and I can’t wait to show you more of it.  And, the #WaterlogueApp is my new favorite. I just can’t figure out where to print my images.  This one below needs to go somewhere in my house.


5. We got so much snow again this week. It is thigh high on my husband in our backyard and we are all totally over it. But, then I saw this on Facebook and got a good chuckle.  It’s amazing how 2 doesn’t feel cold anymore and 6 inches of slow doesn’t slow us down.


Have a great weekend. Here’s to us getting healthy and having some down time.



The Break Up

Dear Starbucks,

I can’t believe this is happening to us.  I never saw this coming.  And it happens to so many other people but I swore it wouldn’t happen to us.  I thought we were past this.  Accepting one another and settling in.  It’s so hard thinking because we have invested so much time and energy and money in to our relationship.  Breaking up is just so hard to do.  It’s not you. It’s me. Well, actually it is you and me.  But the truth is well; I’m just not that in to you anymore.  Here’s the thing. I have been a faithful drinker of your Venti Chai Tea lattes for most of my teaching career. That’s ten years if you’re counting.   Some days, on my worst days, two a day.  And passion tea lemonades in the summer are my first choice late in the afternoon.  But your ridiculous daily drive-thru debacles pushed me over the edge and is what I just can’t do anymore.  It makes every morning stressful.  And the drink is just not worth it anymore.  Not to mention the price.

Here’s the thing. I really want you.  I like stopping and getting that cup every morning.  It gets me moving and out of bed.  I love your holiday cups.  I like nursing that drink in the morning to start my day.  But over break I stopped because the Polar Vortex hit and it was just too cold to go out even for coffee.  Couple that with the fact that the drive thru is never fast, the line always long,  the people rarely nice and it always being understaffed I just stopped going.

I quit you pretty much cold turkey.  And it’s been hard.  Emotionally and caffeine speakign.  So, I started using this coffee maker at home that I bought my husband for Christmas and realized how easy it was, cheap it was and free of morning headaches because there was no parking spot that required me to walk past a drive thru where people never look or a line out the lot for the actual drive-thru that added 20 minutes to my morning routine.  And, I also realized in my quest to get healthier just how bad that chai tea was for me.  And if I am honest, I gave you another chance. One morning, I stopped.  I just wanted you back.  In that moment.  And my drink was wrong and tasted terrible.   I got frustrated.

So here we are.  Me wondering what is happening to me.  Going to coffee.  At home. In a carrier cup. And being okay with it.  I worry about those gold stars expiring and the huge balance on my card.  I wonder if I change my drink if I will come back.  Some days. Randomly when it sounds good. But for now, it’s over and I’m sorry. Can we still be acquaintances?


Your Once Faithful Drinker

In all seriousness, I was drinking Starbucks once a day 7 days a week and quit. And it feels kind of liberating.  And it is helping my waistline. And my morning stress. But I also miss it. But the hassle of the one by my house is just not worth it.  So, talk me to me about coffee and flavors. I need suggestions but I love Caribou’s Morning Blend with Vanilla or Hazelnut creamer.  What about you?


A Day at the Pier (Almost Wordless Wednesday)



( I love this picture above)

Sizing it Up


Looking Up


And Now Down



Lists of Five Things

I looked at the calendar today and realized I go back to school in five weeks exactly.  Then I looked at my list of things I wanted to do with the kids, to the house and for myself and realized there is no chance most of those things will get done.  And if I am honest, it frustrates the heck out of me.  The balance being at home is really hard for me. When my kids are home I don’t want to drag them to Pottery Barn I want to play, and swim and bike and enjoy the weather.  I feel really funny about putting them at daycare in the summer when I am home because they deserve some time at home with their mama away from the grind we do 10 months out of the year.  I found myself spending my one day this week that was kid free shopping, working out, having lunch and reading at the pool for an hour and yet I am mad at myself that my walls are still bare and there are so many rooms that need attention in our house.

Some of you will tell me I am just lucky I get some me time.  Some of you will tell me, including my ma, that I need to have days like these.   I get it. I know that as a teacher I need some down time. Some time to be me, relax, decompress and just be.  But I also know how precious time is when I am kid free and can actually work on a project.

So, today I am making a 5 Things List. 5 things I want to do with the kids before I return to work, 5 things I want to get done in my house and 5 things I want to do for me.  Sure, it could be 500 in some categories but I am trying to keep it attainable and doable and then we or I will make another list.

5 Things for the Kids

  • Go to the zoo- Brookfield or Lincoln Park
  • Go the beach
  • Go to Ravinia Kids Music Festival or the Wednesday night Concert in the Park series
  • Ride the train and have lunch with daddy
  • Go to a waterpark

5 Things for the Home

  • Finish the wall art in the living room above the couch
  • Buy an accent piece for the entry way
  • Mark out and decide on dining room table
  • Re-finish vintage buffet for dining room (Bradyism “Can I get a little help here?”)
  • Get kitchen office area organized

5 Things for Me

  •  Get new running shoes
  •  Get a massage
  •  Buy a pair of black pants
  •  Take a huge bike ride in the Forest Preserve or one the lakefront
  •  Spend an afternoon at the pool alone with a book.

Totally doable right? Right. So, I am going to hold myself to it and check in weekly with you before I go back to school to show you what I have done. Hmmm… where should I start?