I’m going to tell you a story about a boy and girl. This boy and this girl met when they were twelve weeks old. They were loved and cared for by a woman who loved them like their own. The took music class together when they were not even a year. Their mamas became fast friends and even share a birthday.


They separated for awhile at the age of one only to be reunited some six months later at daycare.  They have slept next to each other on cots, played with each for hours on end, chased each other on the playground and had their fair share of tiffs.  They love each other unconditionally like siblings do. They don’t know anything else. They have been together forever. When one is crying the other is quick to console. When one is silly the other follows suit.


She’s fearless.  He’s timid.

He’s mellow and overly sensitive.  She is full of personality and quick to console.

Today with their friends they celebrated their fourth birthdays together.


And I stood with her mama and we wondered what the future holds… to Brady and Brooklym Happy Birthday Buds! The best is yet to come but my has it been fun to watch you grow!